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get under the car, its about 6 inches from the compressor with a blue cap (large line)

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How much is one pound equal to?

1pound = 81.7Rs 1pound weight= .45kgs

How much psi i equal to 1 pound freon?

Pound per Square Inch = PSI means 1pound in terms of pressure will be 1 psi.

What weights more 1pound feathers or 1pound pencil lead?

They're the same because they're both 1 pound.

1pound is how many oz?

there are 16 ounces in a pound.

1pound is how many Kg?

1 pound = 0.45359237 kilograms

1pound how many grams?

453.59 grams per pound.

1pound is how many grams?

453.592 grams per pound.

How much the 1pound equivalent to cups?

That is approximately 2 cups.

What fraction of 1pound is 46p?

It is 46/100 which can be simplified, if required.

How many pound is equvalent to 1 psi?

psi and pounds do not covert over, pounds are a measure of weight, psi is a measure of pressure. 1psi means the pressure contained is applying a force of 1pound per square inch of its surrounding container PSI = Pounds Per square inch The pressure does not have an inherent weight it is simply applying a force.

How much is 1pound in kg?

One pound = c. 0.45 kilogram

1pound in Indian rupees?

see www.xe.com for current conversion factors.

How much is 450 grams?

approximately 1lb (1pound) imperial measure

How much is 7 oz?

That is almost half a pound 1pound = 16oz

How much is 1 pound in Philippine peso?

how much the 1pound in peso

What is 12 percent of 1 pound?

12% of 1pound is .12 pounds

How many oz are in 1pound?

Sixteen ounces are contained in one pound.

What is 500000 pound in Indian Rupees?

1pound=55INR approximately 500000pounds= 27500000Rs.

What is one night price of Katrina kaif?

Probably 1pound per second.

What does 14Oz equal in pounds?

8.75pounds 1oz = 0.0625pounds 1pound = 16 oz

How much is 248 pounds in ounces?

16ounces = 1pound, so 248x16=3968pounds

What fraction of 1pound is 11p?

fraction = 11pound/1 pound = 11/1

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