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I had a friend replace the air suspension compressor pump with a used one that I bought on ebay. The air compressor pump is located under the windshied washer fluid container. You have to take a cover plate off to get to it or even see it. We discovered that the top of the air suspension compressor pump, where the air hose goes into it, screws off with a crescent wrench. So we just left the hose attached to the top of the pump and replaced the body of the the pump. I have no idea how you would just replace the hose.

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Q: How do you reconnect the air suspension hose under the hood in a '93 Lincoln Town Car?
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How does 1995 Lincoln Town Car air suspension work?

the air suspension stopped working on my 1994 lincoln

Where is the air suspension compressor on 1997 Lincoln town car?

on the left side under the air filter box

Where is the air ride suspension compressor located on a 1995 Lincoln Town Car?

under the air filter box

How do you troubleshoot a rear air suspension for a 1990 Lincoln town car?

You can troubleshoot the rear air suspension of your 1990 Lincoln Town Car with a diagnostic tester. Most Lincoln dealerships have diagnostic testers.

Where is air suspension pump relay located on Lincoln town car?

the relay for the air suspension is under the hood in the fuse box and its number 4. I just changed it on mine.

Where is the air ride suspension compressor on a 1990 Lincoln Town Car?

it is under the is under the air filter. if you remove the air filter box you will see a black box under that is where it is

Can you put air in the air suspension of a Lincoln town car 1996?


Were is the air ride suspension compressor disconnect switch on 1996 Lincoln town car?

usually under dash left front side

How do you make the air suspension on your Lincoln town car come back on?

there is an air suspension switch located in the trunk

Where is the air suspension compressor on a 1998 Lincoln town car?

the air bag compressor is under the hood on the front driver side usually under the air filter box

Where is the fuse located for the air suspension for 2002 Lincoln Town Car?

Under the hood, black box, Fuse #12 also has relay (#4)

On a 95 Lincoln town car what other suspension compressors can I use?

1990 - 1997

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