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How do you reconnect the emergency brake under the dash of a 1990 Dodge Ram Charger?


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2008-04-27 20:03:38
2008-04-27 20:03:38

considering there are no broken or siezed cables you have to go under your truck and release the first connector and pull the slack into the cab . now you reconnect the pedal first lossen the cable adjuster and pull the two halves together and readjustthe rear brakes first then tighten the cable until it just starts to tighten the back wheels and back off 2 or 3 turns


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On the bracket that the brake pedal pivots on.

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Yes a 1987 dodge ram has an e-brake cable

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on top of the brake pedal up under the dash.

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Check Brake fluid level in master cylinder and make sure Emergency brake is fully released

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The brake pads are actually shoes. The emergency brake relies on the rear brake shoes being applied by tension on the emergency brake cable against the rear drums to hold the car stationary. In other words, the rear brakes double as the emergency (parking) brakes.

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