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How do you record your voice on your computer for free?

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== == Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound recorder

Note: you will need a microphone or a headset with a microphone to record

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What is a record on the computer system?

The computer can record and keep all data in the hard drive. You can download music, videos, photos and it has a voice recorder also. What exactly due you mean by a record in the computer?

How do you record your voice online for free without downloading?

You can't

How Do you Alter your Voice Like Fred?

You Just Record A Video And Speed It Up On Your Computer With A Voice Moniter

How do you record your voice and video on your computer for free?

The best way is to search for Cam Studio it can record your desktop and your voice or your desktop and music you have playing on your computer or whatever.There are many other screen recorder can help you record screen with audio. The one I used can help me record my screen, video player, webcam and recording your Microphone (or system MCI) to make your videos tutorials that your created easy to understand. It is very smart tool that can record all events on your screen.

How much memory is needed to record my voice on computer?

quite a lot

Can iPad record voice?

It has a microphone, but there is no built in voice memo program. However there is one in the app store for free.

How do you record sound from your mac computer in garage band?

Click on the red record button at the bottom of the screen. Just talk to your Mac as if you were speaking to a person. It will record your voice. Afterwards you can change the way your voice sounds and tones.

What is Voice Recognition?

it is the process in which we can record our voice means to save the record of our voice.........

How do you record a voice on garageband 08?

you go on itunes then delete it and you hit that button and talk into the bottom of the computer.

How do you record your voice onto a CD?

Put a bank CD in your computer and get ear phones and start singing

How do i hook up my tritton ax720's headset to a mac so that i can record my voice for commentaries?

If it's USB, you just insert it into your computer then you should have a program on it were you can record your voice, then you just go on that then boom...

How do you put music for free on ipod?

If you have a microphone, you can record it from YouTube in voice memo as long as you are not selling it, it is legal

What is an input device that records your voice?

A microphone is an input device that could be used to record your voice on your computer. You can even speak to other people over the Internet with one.

What is the use of microphone in computer?

There are computer programs that let you record your voice. You may want to record your voice to give verbal instructions to your computer, or to talk to someone over the internet using skype, or when taking part in an online web conference.

How do you record music from a cassette to the computer?

You can use a regular computer microphone and a recording software, for instance, Total Recorder which is not free.

How do you add your voice onto a PowerPoint presentation?

There are different forms of microphones that allow you to speak into them. You hook up a microphone and record your voice onto the computer, then save it, and add it to your presentation.

How do you record your voice on a computer?

you would have to download a program, i use audacity, but if you have windows 7, you can use windows recognition. Have fun.

How do you record your voice on a snes emulator?

A snes emulator won't record voice because it doesn't do that, it plays Roms. To record your voice download a sound recorder, audacity works great, then record game and voice then just sync them while editing afterwards.

Is there a way to record your voice on computer but not record the song playing on the computer?

Yes. You will need headphones for playback, and a microphone for recording. You set the recording software to use the microphone as the source, and turn off any loudspeakers during playback.

Is it free to be on The Voice Kids?

Yes, it's free to be on The Voice Kids. You audition, then if you get the audition you'll be in The Voice for free

How do you make music on the computer?

You can use audacity to record your voice and add music to the background. There may be other ways but that is the one that I know of.

How can you use a mic in Windows 7?

Connect a microphone into the microphone input on your computer. You can use an audio recording program to record your voice.

Does sound record while screen recording on your computer?

Usually not. But it can sometimes. If you get one that cant you can always do a voice recorder. I know on skype you can.

What is record?

record is when you record a voice or a song record is a composite data structure of your gandad

What is the computer program where you speak and the computer performs?

The name for voice-activated software is "voice recognition technology." There are numerous freeware and software voice recognition programs:Tazti (pronounced 'tasty') is a free to try programDragon NaturallySpeaking PreferredE-speaking which is free for the first 30 daysSpeech Vibe has a trial versionA simple search of "voice recognition software" should provide ample results.