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I am truly very sorry for your loss. I doubt there are any words of comfort I can give at this time that will help ease your pain.

You are one of the few fortunate people that had a great relationship and a wonderful wife, but then you must be some kind of wonderful yourself. Let yourself grieve for however long it takes as it's healthy. Don't allow family or friends push you into other relationships until you are ready. The pain of grief you are feeling is like someone has pulled your heart right out of your body and everything reminds you of your wife. The loneliest time of your life is at night when you are alone with yourself. In time you will realize how fortunate you were to have whatever time you had with her and there are those wonderful memories. You will never replace this wonderful lady that was in your life, but in the future you will meet someone else and I'm sure she'll end up being a very close second to your lovely wife.

Only another person(s) who has gone through this loss can possibly understand how you feel. I suggest you join a "Grief Counseling Group" in your area and meet other people in the same circumstances. Men and women go to these meetings and it helps a lot to know you are not alone and eases the pain. There is great strength in these groups and I know you will get some comfort from them as well as a back-up system when you are feeling very down and lonely.

If you can post on this board again and leave the town/state you are in I would be happy to look up "Grief Counseling Groups" for you.

Remember, your wife really isn't gone and I am sure she is around you and she never really has passed away because she is in your heart and the hearts of family and friends. For each person we touch we leave an imprint on those lives and help people strive to become better human beings. It sounds as if your wife was one of these people that spread love, laughter and kindness throughout your lives. Keep the torch burning and continue with what she has instilled in you.

God Bless Marcy

AnswerHello Marcy,

I lost my Loving Wife in the month of March, 2005. It was a sudden shock for myself and the entrire family. I have never in my entire life experienced such pain in my heart as have been going through.

I have felt as though I was not going to make it much longer!

We live in Lithia Springs GA. I do feel like I am the need of counseling.

I know my Wife is happy in HEAVEN. But I really wish that I had her here with me and the kids.

I pray to God everyday for strength and patience

Thank you for your positive words.


Well I truly am sorry for your loss, but your wife only wants you to be happy. So I suggest that you should just move on with life, go get another girl, BUT NEVER FORGET THE ONE YOU TRUELY LOVED. Your wife.... Never forget her... But be happy because I am sure that's what she wants!

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Q: How do you recover after your wife who was the love of your life dies of a terminal illness?
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