How do you recover your password to your iPod Touch?

lol hats gotta suck. Well. LOL seriously I did it on mine its to complicated to write of u can just send it in to apple have the fix it that'll take a long time

also... some people said u can hook it up to itunes and click restore. it willl get rid of ur problem but it also gets rid of everything else on your ipod too

- it just happened to me and i am not going to get everything earased!!! so... im just going to try all i can

*add on to answer if happened to u

yeah, this happened to me

if you are willing to get everything erased,

1) Connect the iPod Touce

2) Press and hold sleep+home until the device reboots.

3) Keep holding until that "please connect me to iTunes"-screen appears

4) iTunes says something about having detected a touch in recovery mode. Allow it to do its thing.

If you get the -18 error, proceed:

5) Disconnect the iPod Touch

6) Close iTunes

7) Reconnect the iPod Touch

8) iTunes launches and shows message as in step 4, but this time, the recovery will work

PS I don't get credit for this! I found it online!