Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team

How do you recruit Pokemon in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

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September 13, 2011 6:10AM

How to recruit Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon

This is really easy because I have this game and I beat it. First you have to complete that mission when you first get in the Pokemon world.T hen you beat any Pokemon(some wont join you unless you have the right friend area) with your leader Pokemon. The leader has to make that Pokemon faint too! Then it may just pop up again. You might think you have to battle it but no, it actually asks you if it can join your team.

WARNING: if that Pokemon faints again while its in your party, it will leave your rescue team forever.

For example when I beat Mew it asked me if it can join my team. I had to make sure I had the friend area Final Island. (Some Pokemon Give you their friend areas). Then I automacilly left the dungeon with Mew(YAY). WARNING AGAIN: you don't automacilly leave the dungeon with every Pokemon you recruit!Thank you for reading my help. (A little advice, Deoxys is the hardest to recriut, but you can try again). Also if you beat a legendary, (after you beat the main story) you can always try again.

Items can help

Also, you may find that certain Pokemon will not join your team - even after you defeat them numerous times. This is because their chances of wanting to be recruited are very low. To help this situation, find an item called the Friend Bow. Equip this to your lead Pokemon and the recruiting chances will be significantly boosted (only if the Pokemon with the item deals the finishing blow).

Keep in mind that a maximum of four Pokemon can be with you at one time, and their combined weight must be under six stars (check this using the summary option).

It also helps when recruiting Pokemon to have a high rescue rank.

too much information ^

simply beat them up when you have their friend area

some you can't recruit and must be evolved to get

others are special