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How do you rectify thermostat function problem indicated by p1126 obd code on a Nissan altima 2000?

I changed the thermostat and the light is still on.Now the code is saying throttle relay.I was told it may be engine temp sensor,but it seems to be a different code.

What is rectifying?

Rectifying is correcting or solving a problem. For example if your car engine was broken, you would take it to a garage to rectify the the problem.

Problem definition of the hospital management system?

paper records made the big problem so to rectify tha we go database management

How do you use 'rectify' in a sentence?

I will rectify this answer If I could recify the previous answer, I would! It may be impossible to rectify the error you have created with your simplistic answer!

What part of speech is rectify?

Rectify is a verb.

Rectify noun or verb?

Rectify is a verb.

Base word for rectify?

what is the meaning word of rectify

We have scratched glass on new build property builder refusing to rectify any help?

If you scratched it then it is surely your problem.

How do you rectify the waring is function should return a value in turbo c plus plus?

By returning a value. Or using type 'void'.

How to rectify the error 404 in tomcat server?

this error happend because the page is not exists.just add the page then the problem will appear

How can you rectify the CMOS checksum error on your computer?

i think changing CMOS battery is the most satisfactory way to get rid of this problem............

What is an example of a sentence using rectify?

I had rectify my messed up homework.

Is rectify an adjective?

No, it is not. Rectify is a verb meaning to set right or correct.

What can you do about neighbor with CB radio causing interference on your TV?

Contact the FCC, if your neighbour isn't willing to do something to rectify the problem themselves.

What causes a hot water heater to stop heating the water?

There are a number of causes as to why a hot water heater would stop heating the water. It could be due to a fault in the circuit breaker or a problem with the element, limit switch or thermostat. Unless you know what you are doing, you should contact a qualified plumber or electrician to rectify the issue.

What are the Latin roots in the word rectify?

Rectify is derived from the Latin "rectus", meaning "straight". Hence rectify means "to straighten" or by extension "to correct" or "to make right".

How do you use the word rectify in a sentence?

JoAnne tried to rectify her poor relationship with her son by spending more time with him. The banker scrambled to rectify the error in the account before the auditor arrived. The baker scrambled to rectify the flaw in the cake before the buyers came in.

Why did cozmikzen get suspended?

Because christian fundamentalists false flagged my videos, and YouTube neglected to rectify the problem. Youtube is running the intellectuals off YouTube.

How do you rectify insert disk in drive error for usb flash drive?

pendrive scan do and not open the mouse click then insert disk how to rectifieng the problem

How do you rectify browser compatibility?

Browser compatibility is set only be the developers. You cannot rectify the compatibility with a browser.

What are the release dates for Rectify - 2013?

Rectify - 2013 was released on: USA: 22 April 2013

What are the ratings and certificates for Rectify - 2013?

Rectify - 2013 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

1996 olds cutlass radiator fans dont work?

Also, my experience is that the motor mechanisim gets dust and so must be cleaned. When I did this to my car, with a compressor and blow trigger, the fan operated well. Another time, same problem, the compressor and blower didn't rectify the problem, I checked my wiring and lo and behold, it was the wiring. Also, the thermostat tells the fan (by computer) what the motor temperature is and so tells the fan when to turn on/of. Don't mess with the thermostat - just change it. Get a chilton's mechanic repair book and look at the trouble-shooting section for more information. ================ Sensors are likely bad

What do you mean by percentage regulation in rectifiers?

A: Rectifier do not provide any regulation they merely rectify the AC. The percent regulation if any is a function of the capacitor filters and the load impressed on them

What rhymes with rectify?