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How do you reduce pimples on face?

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by using medicated cream like retrieve or lazma

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How 2 reduce pimples on face?

Try a clay mask, it will help dry your pimples. Wash daily with a face wash (I use proactive and acne free).

Does baking soda work to reduce pimples?

no it does not the only way to reduce pimples is wash your face,dont eat much sugar, and stay clean or try pimple treatment if it is bad.

How to reduce pores on the face?

you need wash your face all day and you need to use cleanser to prevert pores and pimples

What to do to get pimples out of face?

It depends if you are an male or female . If you are an Male so you must have sex with a female who also has pimples on her face and If you are an female so you must have sex with a male who also has pimples on his face . In order to get pimples out of your face this is necessary to do this .

How did you get pimples?

You get pimples and spots from not washing your face regularly or having dirty hands and then touching your face, and then this leads to black heads which then soon turn into pimples- that is how you get pimples.

Does sperms taking out causes pimples?

Yes it puts pimples on face I do it and get pimples all over face I don't now how to stop

What is a homemade face wash for pimples?

It's like a paste which helps to remove the pimples from the face

Why do you have pimples on your face?

Your face has pimples because it produces an oil called sebum. If you don't wash your face regularly the sebum builds up and therefore causes a breakout of pimples.

Does a greasy face cause pimples?

Yes Because a greasy face can clog pours forming pimples

Why pimples comes on human face?

if we are eat more oil items, pimples come to human face..

What foods cause pimples?

* Food does not cause pimples, touching your face and not washing your face twice a day causes pimples. * Too much refined (processed) carbohydrate can certainly cause pimples.

Is getting pimples good?

No. Pimples is not good for face. It decreases the beauty.

What to do with pimples?

To prevent pimples try to...1. not touch your face2. wash your face3. eat healthy

Are you dirty when you have pimples?

Pimples are common during puberty, due to hormonal spurt. You do not look dirty, when you have pimples. Late teenagers go on thinking about the pimples only. Almost every body gets the pimples and that is certainly not a crime to have pimples. So do not go on touching the pimples and do not squeeze them. You look beautiful by smile of the face, even with pimples there on your face.

Why use kojivit cream?

To Reduce pimples

Does putting toothpaste on your face reduce acne?

No it just dries the pimples out. but if you really want no acne just buy the stinking pro active solution.

How do pimples spread?

Pimples are spread when you pop a pimple and the bacteria from it can spread to other areas of your face causing more pimples.

Does putting Vaseline on your face make you get pimples?

It can. I know if i use certain products on my face or skin I break out in pimples or a red rash.

Can kissing cause pimples if the spouse is having pimples?

if it's just pimples, it shouldn't be a problem if you wash your face every day

Which is the best face wash for pimples?

Pimples are very irritating and everyone want to get rid of them. To reduce them use Ayurvedic face wash like Roop mantra Cucumber face wash. This face wash help to clear impurities and also pimple blemishes. For more better results try to use Roop Mantra face cream along with it. It is free from harmful chemicals and cause no side effects.

Does vasaline get rid of pimples?

No, in fact, it will probably clog the pores of your face, creating more pimples.

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