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Unfortunately, if the air conditioning system is factory original and has not been converted to use the new R-134a refrigerant, you cannot refill the system yourself. R-12 refrigerant is the old stuff, it must be charged by a professional and will be very expensive. They quit making it almost 15 years ago. Depending on your location is could cost upwards of $300 to get it recharged, and if the system is low then you probably have a leak somewhere so that might be $300 out the proverbial window. If you plan on keeping the van, I would suggest that you convert the system to R-134a. A local air conditioning shop can do this for you. I will cost more than just a refill of R-12, but in the long run, it will be much cheaper as the refrigerant is MUCH less expensive should a leak develop.

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Q: How do you refill a 1988 Chevy van with freon?
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