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First always back up your data. Make sure you have the restore disks that came with your computer, it will have all of the drivers for the computer.Normally, you can just boot up with the Disks in the drive, it will ask you if you want to start from the CD or the hard.

But realistically, if you are having problems and your system and you are running ME, reformating won't necessarily fix things. ME just has a lot of bugs in it. I've "blow away" some many copies of ME of friends who thought there was something wrong with their computers. Its not the computer its ME. If you can, purchase a copy of 2000, or XP. That's really the best option.

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Q: How do you reformat windows ME?
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Reformat the drive

Can you reformat your hard drive without logging on to windows?


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What keys do you press to reformat your computer?

Thankfully there are non that we know of in Windows.

Does it reformat the pc when installing Windows XP service park 3 on Windows XP service pack 2?

No, a reformat does not take place if you're only upgrading service packs. If you have any doubts, be sure to get the service pack upgrade through Windows Update.

How do you undo ubuntu and add Windows XP?

Boot from the Windows XP CD and let it reformat the drive. WIndows XP cannot use the native Ubuntu filesystem, so you'll need to reformat the drive anyway and you might as well do it using the XP install disc.

How do you install windows 2000 if you are using millennium?

There is no upgrade path from Windows ME to Windows 2000. You would have to reformat the hard drive to remove ME before you install Windows 2000 from scratch.

How do you reinstall the Windows operating system without reformat hard drive?

You Simply Can't...

How do you reformat video off of Windows Movie Maker?

You can't reformat a Windows Movie Maker project file (.MSWMM). Conversion to Standard formats takes place during the mix-down (export) process of 'Publishing/Finishing/Saving' the movie.

How can you reformat a gateway notebook running windows xp pro that has novell client for windows installed?

You might not need to reformat. You could try just uninstalling the Novell Client, by going to the properties of the Network adapter. If you do want / need to reformat, you should do it with the original disk that came with the computer. Sometimes the EULA key will not work with other manufacturer's CD.

How do you shrink a video from Windows Movie Maker?

You can't reformat media (of any type) in Windows Movie Maker. There is no optimizing feature for doing that.

How do you safely reformat hard drive that currently has Windows Vista and Windows XP?

You cannot reformat a hard drive and keep operating system(s) untouched. The point of formatting is to erase all data. There is only one exception, you can reformat some partitions on your hard drive if you have any. If you want to keep your current operating system those partitions must not be system.

How do you clean an SD card?

You reformat it. In windows click my computer or my pc. Then you right-click on the sd card.

Can Linux operating system be replaced by windows?

Yes, as long as you have a Windows installation or restoration disc and valid license key. Just boot your computer from the Windows disc, reformat the hard drive, and install Windows.

How do you get rid of a virus when Windows xp will not start?

Reinstall Windows XP from your CD or DVD set and reformat your hard drive. This will erase everything including the virus. Also, get a Mac.

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Your Ipod is register on iMac can you still use Windows?

If you sync your iPod with a Mac, you'll only be able to sync it with a Windows if you reformat it to be compatible with Windows. In other words, you can only use your iPod with one OS at a time.

When you need to reformat windows xp but your computer did not come with one How do you do this with out any sort of recovery disc?

u simply cant reformat your hard drive while running windows on that drive, what i mean is u cant reformat the hard drive if it is that verry drive that u are running at the momnet insted u need a copy of windows, put the disc in the CD drive and restart your computer. press f2 i think when it boot's to access the boot menu, boot from CD. u can delete the current partition and create a new one, also u can reformat the drive with your file system of choice, most likely ntfs. hope this helps

How do you downgrade from Windows XP to Windows 2000?

you must reformat the drive XP is on-Then install 2000 as a new OS. Because it is a downgrade-not reformatting the drive will cause XP to not allow the downgrade.

What is Protogon?

Protogon is Windows 8's new file system. It will no longer be compatible with the current NTFS system, meaning you'll have to reformat your existing drives to work with Windows 8.

What is the command prompt to completely wipe and reformat a hard drive that already has windows 7 installed on it?

youtube has a video works great

How do you remove windows 95 from a laptop?

Two options: 1. reformat the disk 2. install another operating system.

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You need to reformat your question.

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How do you uninstall Windows XP from a slave drive?

i never tryed that but you could backup everything u need from your slave to an other disk then reformat the hardrive witch would delete everything on it including windows.