How do you refurbish golf cart batteries?

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Simple, if they are not totally gone.
1. Drain as much of the fluid from the batteries as possible using a kitchen baster.
2. Get some distilled water and heat it to a good warm (not boiling) temp.
3. Mix in about 15% Epsom Salt and make sure it is dissolved thoroughly.
4. Fill batteries with the new Distilled water/Epsom Salt mixture.
5. Charge and see how they work.
They should improve over a few days to a week. If not then you need new batteries.
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You just installed six 6-volt Energizer golf cart batteries. The cart runs but you cannot recharge the batteries. Where did you go wrong?

Answer \n. \nYou mean Where Did YOU Go Wrong??\n. \nThose batts are garbage and will only last 2 years tops... anyhow, check your connections : Starting at #1 battery under passenger butt (Club Car): + to - to + to - to + etc etc. Many screw ups in placement and battery cables when replacing a c ( Full Answer )

Ibought a used golf cart the batteries were all dry i filled them but the battery charger would not charge the batteries it is a 2002 club car?

Answer . the collective voltage of this cart is 48 volts . fully charged it will be anything up to 51 or 52 volts . If the voltage of your batteries is less than say 41 volts because they are very very low then your charger will not kick on. You will have to charge the batteries one at a time us ( Full Answer )

Is there a 9 volt golf cart sealed battery charger?

If you had said what MAKE of golf cart you have - but then you would have asked the manufacturer or the place where you bought it, wouldn't you - you might get a better answer than this from someone else who knows about such things. Why not ask the ask someone who is a technical specialist at the ( Full Answer )

How long do golf cart batteries last?

The amount of time a golf cart battery will last depends on thequality of the battery, the climate, and how well it is taken careof. A cheap battery in warm climate will last 1-2 years, and incool climate 2-3 years. A premium quality battery should last 3-4years in a warm climate and 4-5 years in a ( Full Answer )

Are golf cart batteries safe?

As safe as any car battery. They are full of acid so don't let them spill or tip over. The main difference is they can be deeply discharged and recharged many, many times.

Golf cart batteries?

Buy and sell golf cart batteries, Golf, Push-Pull Golf Carts,Accessories items on Motors onlineauction.

How long does it take to charge 6 batteries in a golf cart?

average golf cart battery is 110 amps.. if you have 6 batteries in a 36 volt system, and you use a 20 amp charger it could. take up to 5 1/2 hours (depending on the state of charge of your batteries when. you begin the charge). Were they at 50% charge? Were they at 20% charge?. Pop a cap and che ( Full Answer )

How do you fix 6 volt golf cart batteries when the cells are reading bad?

\nI would not recommend trying to save your old 6V Batteries. Attempting to save old golf cart batteries can be dangerous. If your old batteries have "swelled" or gotten enlarged where the battery is bulging out, it is time for replacement.\n. \nThere is a chemical solution that can be added to t ( Full Answer )

What could be wrong if golf cart batteries are not taking a full charge?

There are probably two "most likely" problems. One is with the charger, and the other is with the batteries themselves.. As far as the charger, it needs to put out enough voltage to drive sufficient charging current over a long enough period of time to charge the battery pack. You've almost certain ( Full Answer )

What kind of water goes in golf cart batteries?

distilled water is best --city tap water will work--well water will work except if it high in sufur-iron or other minerals . If it is a major concern to you contact the battery manfacturer

How do you change golf cart batteries?

Each cart will have its own procedure. It will always be anadvantage to have the user manual for your cart when changing orremoving batteries

How do you change a golf cart battery wired in series?

I think they mean "How do you charge a golf cart battery wired in series?" If you only have a 12 volt charger disconnect the batteries and charge individually. Wired in series you double the voltage, two 12 v batteries equal 24 v, three equals 36, four batteries equal 48v. Unless you have a charg ( Full Answer )

How do you tell the life of a golf cart battery?

Golf Cart batteries for electric cars are rated in minutes, voltage, and amps. They are tested with a discharge machine and hydrometer.. You can use your meter on the charger to kind of guess:. If the charger (on a 36 volt system) comes on and the needle goes to 18-20 - that's good. After a few (3 ( Full Answer )

EZ Go Golf Cart battery layout connection?

The EZ Go Golf Cart battery layout connection is actually a batteryseries. It varies depending on whether the cart is a 36 or 48 voltversion. The series begins on the far left with a connection fromtop to bottom.

Why will 6v golf cart batteries not stay charged if they are new?

You said "stay charged if new" - Did you use the cart? If so that is kind of how the cart works - You use it and recharge it.. You said new batteries - Have they gone through the "break in" period (about 100 charging cycles)?. If you did not use the cart then are you using an automatic charger and ( Full Answer )

Are 12 volt Golf cart batteries interchangeable with 12 volt automobile batteries?

No. Although quite similar, golf cart batteries and automobile batteries are designed with different functions in mind. The automobile battery is designed to provide high current for starting, but once your car starts, the battery typically isn't required to do much except to accept a recharge. Golf ( Full Answer )

Can you refill golf cart battery?

Most are made to be refilled, use distilled water as tap water contains minerals with will damage the battery.

How do you charge golf cart batteries with 12 volt charger and how do you hook it up to the batteries still in the golf cart?

Not being sure of your golf cart voltage, I will give it a try. Count the caps on on batteries, each cap is two volts, so if you have three caps per battery, you have a 6 volt battery. Now count the batteries and multiply by battery voltage, 6 batteries times 6 volts equals a 36 volt system, and so ( Full Answer )

Can battery chargers for golf carts be repaired?

You can usually repair anything if you know what is wrong with the item and can get spare parts. With a battery charger you basically have a transformer, some big capacitors and a charging control circuit. Unfortunately the typical handy person may not have the test tools available to do the diagnos ( Full Answer )

Will charger work if Batteries on a ez go golf cart are all the way down Cart has not been charged in a year?

Yes it will work. Check the electrolyte in all the batteries and make sure they are full. Any that are low of fluid then add distilled water. Do not add tap water and only add distilled water. Once they are all full, plug the charger in and let it fully charge the batteries. If the cart will not run ( Full Answer )

How to hook up a battery in a 199 yamaha golf cart gas?

We hooked up the battery wrong , positive to negative and negative to positive and the motor still turned over but would noy start. Why did this happen ? This is a 1999 gas golf cart ez go.

How do golf cart battery charges work?

Plug your cart in to a battery source, i.e. a power plug in your garage or something to that effect. Then, when it charges, you will be good to go! Hope this helps! :)

Can you charge golf cart batteries with a car and jumper cables?

Yes: Use the Proper Voltage Most car battery chargers are rated for either 12-volt or 6-volt applications, with a button to switch back and forth between the two types. Check your golf cart batteries to determine what voltage they are before you begin. Adjust the car battery charger to the corre ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase golf cart batteries?

Golf cart batteries can be purchased in your local area at designated retailers, ordered from the manufacturer by telephone, or purchased online at one of the dozens of online retailers who carry your specific Golf Cart Battery brand.

Where can a spare golf cart battery be bought?

Spare golf cart batteries can be bought from a number of specialist golf hardware providers both online and in a specialist golf store. You can also purchase them from specific golf cart dealers.

Who makes interstate golf cart batteries?

Interstate batteries are made by a company named "InterstateBatteries," which may be a bit of an anticlimax, but it's true.They're headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

How do you check a golf cart for bad batteries?

If you have a manual charger follow the charging instructions.After a full charge, do an On-Charge Voltage Test. Get your voltmeter out and set it to 200v dc with the charger on. We will bechecking individual battery voltages, start with the #1 battery(where the positive lead goes to the cart) placi ( Full Answer )