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I'm sorry to say this can't!

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Q: How do you regain trust in a marriage after infidelity and lies?
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What is the one thing you DO NOT tolerate in a relationship?

physical/emotional abuse lies infidelity

How can lies effect a good marriage?

* A bond of trust is extremely important in a good relationship. You should not only be lovers, but friends. If an individual breaks that trust then there isn't much left of the relationship because their mate will find it extremely difficult to trust again.

Is telling lies ground for lost of trust and confidence?

......loss of trust and confidence. Of course, if you trust somebody and find they have been telling you lies you are not going to trust them or have confidence in like before.

How can you trust your husband who cheated on you after 10years of your marriage he says he is remorseful and ended his affair?

No, you cannot trust him, & that's all right. He CHEATED on you. He LIES to you. HE WAS UNFAITHFUL. Thankfully, trust can sometimes be earned back & relationships can be saved. You can try couples therapy or counseling.

What is a relationship without trust?

Its really not a relationship if there is no trust. That is a relationship based on lies

What if your spouse lies on the marriage certificate is the merrige legal?

Lies about what? The only thing that might nullify a marriage license would be if the spouse was committing bigamy.

What does the life cycle of a southern stingray look like?

dont trust this site it is all lies. dont go on it anymore. dont trust this site it is all lies. dont go on it anymore. dont trust this site it is all lies. dont go on it anymore.

What is the theme for Swindle?

dont trust someone that lies and trust someone that tells the truth

Is infidelity part of a narcissistic personality you are involved with a married man for many years and the last 2 years you have caught him in multiple lies which he of course never admits too?

Ordinarily infidelity is a part of a narcissistic personality. If you have been involved for more than two years and have caught him in lies it might not be narcissism it may be another underlying cause.

Is a marriage valid if one lies on the certificate?

Nope. If the lies are about any of the field in that certificate, deal's off.

What are the release dates for Dr- Phil - 2002 Hurtful Lies and Shattered Trust?

Dr- Phil - 2002 Hurtful Lies and Shattered Trust was released on: USA: 19 January 2010

What are the pros and cons of apparent authority in the business world?

lies and trust

Effects of Lies on Love?

It causes distrust, and without trust there is nothing

What is Othellos tragic flaw?

Trust (that he believes Iago's lies) and jealousy.

How can you regain trust and self-assurance when your boyfriend lied to you a couple of times but promises he?

I dont know if you really can regain trust and self assurance with a man who lies to you. Personally if he lied to me - more than once- than I would not be able to take him back. Mostly because once is just being human and making mistakes, twice is basically saying "Don't trust me".....I'm sorry but if he really loved you or even liked you then he wouldn't have lied to you twice (like i said once is just being human). I am sorry. Hope this helps. <3 Megan Joy Jones

How do you fix a relationship after the trust has been broken by lies?

Good relationships are based on trust and since there has been so many lies previously it is for the best the two of you go your separate ways as that bond of trust will remain broken and any relationship after that will only bring both of you misery.

What to do when someone lies?

When you notice that someone is lying to you then never trust the person anymore and stop arguing to him/her. Trust is the only thing whose breaking hurts a lot.

Can you trust your girlfriend if she lies about going to parties and says she was at her grandmas house?

well apparently not.... No. Sorry. All relationships need to be based on trust. If you can not trust the person that you are with, you should not be with them. If you cant trust em ' , sure as heck cant be with em .

When trust is broken from lies and you ask for proof and he refuses what should you do?

Ask for forgiveness is is always there for you!

Is telling white lies harmful to society?

Telling white lies is harmful to the society. A healthy society needs mutual trust and cooperation among its members.

What are the ratings and certificates for Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 - 2012 Bar Lies--- 2-6?

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 - 2012 Bar Lies--- 2-6 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

How can you regain trust and self-assurance when your boyfriend lied to you a couple of times but promises he's changed?

If he lied to you "a couple of times" and they were lies that he knew would bother you, then chances are very low that he'll change, even if he means it. Change your relationship so it doesn't need trust in the things he lied about, if you're fine with such a relationship. Or you can leave HIM to clean up the mess he caused: Let HIM think of a way how he can regain your trust. My guess is that his promise that he'll change isn't new either, so unless he's VERY convincing, don't believe him. Sleep with his best friend. That way if you ever find out he has lied to you again, you can lay it on him. He'll lose you and his best friend.. Winner!

Is it bad if a boys lies to you about breaking up with you?

YES! IT is. whatever a boyfriend lied to you about, he is no trust worthy boyfriend. Trust me dawg. THis is not Crap to mess with.

What does it mean when a dog lies upside-down?

The dog is displaying complete trust and submission to its owner.

How do you trust people?

The first thing u always need to know to trust that person, if there not liar's. Don't ever trust the person who lies, because they give u a lot of troubles later on.

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