How do you register a car that the Ca. dmv no longer has records for?

Assuming this is true--(and I don't understand how)--

You can get a scrapped title from a junkyard in California. Get the car to Nevada and register it there. Then take the car back to California and re-register it in California. Voila!

If you have the CA title that was last issued and the system shows it has dropped off then you will have to get a "Vin Verification" done on the vehicle. The vin verification is an inspection done by DMV or a licensed vehicle verifier. Once you have the inspection done take it along with the title, smog and a DMV REG 343 form (app for title and reg) and DMV will issue you a new title and registration/plates. If the old title is not in your name you will also need to have proof that you purchased the unit. A bill of sale, purchase order or even handwritten statement will work. Good Luck!

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