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There is no need for formal registration for an HUF. If you are eligible to form an HUF you can simply open a bank account , obtain a PAN number and start business in the name of the HUF. There is no need for any agreement between the members as such. However to open the account with a bank and for some other formalities a delcatation has to be made delcaring the HUF and the member so the same.

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Is Hindu undevided family concept applicable to bengali?

Concept of Hindu undivided family is applicable to all states of India.Bengal is one of the states of India.

How do you prove that a joint Hindu family undivided property is ancestor property?

one has to prove the nucleus of joint family and creation of properties during jointness of hindu family

What is the rule regarding Hindu undivided family formation for bengali's?

The rule is the same.All should unite in one family

How does Hindu Undivided Family created?

Hindu Undivided Family (H.U.F.) gets created as soon as a man and woman get married i.e. when a Hindu man and woman go through the ceremony of the seven (or four) pheras (the Hindu ceremony of circumambulation around the holy fire to get married). An unmarried man or woman cannot create an H.U.F.

Can a Muslim practice Hindu undivided Family HUF Business?

Any person as a human being, without any discrimination, can organize a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) structure for his/her family and operate provided his family members are willing and in agreement to conform to the organizational structure so created...however...from the point of view of Law, it comes under Hindu can not avail legal and Tax benefits available to HUF.

How many people can open an account as Karta in a Hindu Undivided Family in India?

only one karta is allowed per family..the one who is the oldest

What is joint Hindu family business-?

joint hindu family business is a specific form of business organisation found only in India. It is one of the oldest forms of business organisation in the country. It refers to a form of organisation wherein the business is owned and carried on by the members of the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF).It is governed by the Hindu Law .

How big is a Hindu family likely to be and why?

With the advent of nucleus family, the present day Hindu family consists of husband, wife and 1/2 kids. There was a time when Hindu Undivided family consisted of 25/30 heads,with a Karta controlling the entire family. Mainly due to economic reason, the idea of nucleus family has gathered momentum. Along with this, the aspect of material comfort (which was not always there in H.U.F.) also played a crucial role in preferring nucleus family.

Functioning of joint Hindu family business?

This is a business that is owned by two partners in an undivided estate. Traditionally this would be a business that had grandfather, father, and then son all working together.

Give the name of the companies that comes under the Hindu undivided family business ownership?

1.nimmamman thullu corporation 2.sule makkalu 3.Bevarsi baddi magana co-operative society

How do you become a Hindu?

All you have to do is follow the practices of Hinduism. However, to legally get recognized as a Hindu, you need to register in Arya Samaj.

Questionnaire for joint Hindu family?

A joint Hindu family business is one that is owned by all the males in the family. There have been several questionnaires which aim to find out the role of the joint family in Hindu businesses and relationships.

What is shruti haasan religion?

Hindu-- her dad is from a Hindu Brahmin family.

What is the religion of Aishwarya Rai?

Aishwarya Rai is now a Hindu. It is because of her marriage in a Hindu family. She was Bengali when born in her family.

How do you send condolences to Hindu family?

You can send condolences to Hindu family by saying that we are sorry for your loss. They must feel good.

What is the Hindu word for family?

HIindi word for family is Parrivar.

Is hema malini a Hindu or a Muslim?

She was born in Tamil speaking Brahman family. She is a Hindu not a Muslim.

Find A Project On Joint Hindu Family?

A joing Hindu family is a common way of living on the Indian subcontinent in which many generations of the same family live under one roof.

In which country did Sikhism began?

In Northern part of Undivided India (Undivided Punjab).

Is Zarine Khan a Hindu?

Zarine Khan was born into Muslim, Pathan family in Mumbai.

What are the roles of a Hindu family?

Sanctity and keeping the virtues ordained by the Hindu doctrine are the roles expected to be played

What is joint Hindu family business?

it refers to a business which is owned by the male members of the family. it exists under the Hindu law and is governed by the law of succession. here, the family possess some inherited prperty.

What are Need of Hindu joint family?

According to Hindu belief family is the one who stays together in time of need.Joint family assures care of old people & small children. While maintaining the culture.

Where did Sikhism first originate?

Sikhism orginated from undivided Punjab in undivided Northern India.

What is guru nanaks orogin?

hisorogin was a family that was Hindu