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How do you register your sims 2 game?


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At the end of installation, you should have been asked if you wanted to register your game or EP.

Otherwise, you can install it at

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No you don't, but if you don't register your game then you won't be able to download other stuff like Sims and lots from their websites.

You can get your product register code for The Sims 2 on the cover of the Sims game dvd. If you lost the cover, you can contact Microsoft for assistance on how to recover it.

If you've already installed the game,you must uninstall ALL of your sims games.Then you must register your game online!!!!

It will be on the back of your game manual at the top of the back cover.

You probably downloaded the game illegally and the registration code won't work the only way to register sims 2 is to buy it from a store

You can't. You will have to either buy a new game or just live without connecting it.

When you install the sims 2, you'll get a pop-up thing.Tap "Register now" and then you'll know how to do it. :-)

Yes. I think it was 8000 points, but I'm not sure.

register on the site, and in your game click the upload icon when that sim is selected - enter your username and pass and upload

1. The Sims 2. 2. the Sims 2 Stories. 3. the Sims 2 Castaway.

The Sims 2 Double Deluxe is the original game The Sims 2, with the Nightlife Expansion Pack and Sims 2 Celebration Stuff Pack. The Sims 3 is the base game the Sims 3, no expansion packs or anything.

You don't do that in sims 2 only in the new game - sims medieval.

you go to the sims 3 website and click create an account when your doing that it asks if you want to register a game

No you don't have to register them. There are perks to registering the game such as cheats and what not, but you can search for those if you don't want to register. You should join the Community online though. It's tons of fun!

Well, Sims 2 and sims 3 it's a boy and a girl game. it is really cool.

Yes i have the sims, sims 2 and sims 3 and they all work fine

No- the Sims 3 base game is required to play The Sims 3 and its DLC or expansion/stuff packs.

Your computer may not meet the sims 2 game requirements.

the sims 2 is just the standard sims 2 game, the sims 2 double deluxe is the sims 2 game + the sims 2 nightlife + the sims 2 celebration stuff pack (if you're thinking about buying one i would suggest the sims 2 double deluxe you get more for your $) =)

if you have The Sims 2 and The sims 2 pets, install the sims 2 first and yes you need all four discs and the game case with the code. Then you can install the sims 2 pets and you will also need the manual for the Sims 2 pets or the game case for the code to install the game.

At the cash register in the Kine Dairy

it has to be one of these to install it: sims 2 deluxe, sims 2 double deluxe, sims 2 holiday, and the sims 2.

An expansion pack adds more content to the game. These are all of the expansion packs...Sims 2 UniversitySims 2 Open For BusinessSims 2 PetsSims 2 SeasonsSims 2 NightlifeSims 2 Free TimeSims 2 Bon VoyageSims 2 Apartment LifeAn expansion pack, expansion set, or supplement is an addition to an existing role-playing game, tabletop game or video game. These add-ons usually add new game areas, weapons, objects, and/or an extended storyline to a complete and already released game.

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