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How do you reinstall etomi on new computer with new email address?


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2007-12-03 06:23:17
2007-12-03 06:23:17

Don't. Etomi is completely illegal. It is a rebranded version of either Shareaza or Limewire, both of which are copyrighted programs. The mere existence of etomi is illegal. Also, the files you are downloading, if they are copywritten, are also illegally obtained. If you're going to do illegal stuff, don't use etomi.


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Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: * Try the website * Whatever you do, DO NOT use any Etomi programs. Etomi is a hacked version of an open-source and free P2P program. The creators then charge you "technical support" (AKA a monthly fee) to use the program. this gives it a feeling of legality (like paying for iTunes) when in reality, the program is worth 0, accessing the network it runs on is free and downloading copyrighted work is still illegal. Go to P2P news sites like or Read a few reviews and member opinions. Make your own choice as to which program to use. Running the wrong programs on your PC can seriously mess things up, but you can avoid a lot of problems with some careful planning and research. Good luck. * Go to There you can download the song in the media section.

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No. WikiAnswers would not have that information.

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