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You can do a search for shdocvw.dll on the internet, download that file, and save it into the c:\windows\system folder, OR you can install Internet Explorer 5+, or you can reinstall the network components bundled with Windows.

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โˆ™ 2017-02-12 18:17:20
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Q: How do you reinstall missing file shdocvwdll?
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You need to repair or reinstall the operating system. Also it depends on file which is missing. Some are files are not important as others. Missing system files might indicate that you have a virus/trojan/malware on your computer.

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Password is missing

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Your system problem is ntldr file is missing in every system restrat First time you are reinstall the OS is booting what can you do?

check there is no floppy disk in the drive, this can cause this error. then you can try a fixboot /mbr from the recovery console usng the install CD

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Normally, the computer will not boot. And you will have to reinstall Windows XP.

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Try to examine all usb device which you have connected. It might be a driver one of them. If it's just reinstall the driver. There is one more what you can try. Search through the registry the file name. You might find the producer it can help up to figure out what you need to reinstall. Also you can delete all references to the file in registry. It is potentially not save.

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