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== == It is much easier to buy a "rebuilt Power Steering pump" that is guaranteed and has been properly set up at the factory than try to do it yourself. Just bolt it on and replace the belts. No adjustment, no fooling around with it.

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Can trailblazer be driven if power steering is lost?

It is possible to drive a Chevy Trailblazer with no power steering. However, it isn't recommended. The steering column could freeze and there could be no way to steer the car.

How can you reinstall iMovie without the disc?

get a usb drive, copy it onto it un install it. Then, you use the usb drive to reinstall it.

Is a Chevy Corsica a rear steer car?

NO. It is a front wheel drive, (FWD) with front wheel steering only.

Can you drive a Chevy Tahoe without power steering pump?

REAL SHORT distance YES. But all the time NO... It will burn up the steering gear box. BAD IDEAL.

Why will your transmission go in reverse but not drive on a 85 Chevy Caprice?

Try changing the ignition switch located on the steering column

If you get a 1 Terabyte hard drive for gaming do you have to reinstall your os?

if that hard drive is replacing your old hard drive so that it is the only one in there, then yes you will have to reinstall the os. However, if you are planning on adding it in addition to your old one, then you wont have to reinstall it.

Do you have to reinstall Windows when adding a new hard drive?

You do not have to reinstall Windows if you wish to add an additional drive. If you want to be able to boot from that drive, or to replace your current boot drive, you will need to install Windows on it.

What sensor is on the drivers side behind the power steering pump that's in the head f my 2000 Chevy Tahoe?

what sensor is on the drivers side behind the power steering pup that in the head on my 2000 chevy tahoe 5.7 v8 4 wheel drive?

Is it illegal to drive without power steering?

It is not illegal to drive without power steering. Many people who drive very old cars do not have power steering.

Internal hard drive to external hard drive?

if you want to know if you can go from internal hard drive to external hard drive, then the answer is yes. you can purchase an internal hard drive and external hard drive

If you reinstall windows does it erase your hard drive?

Reinstalling Windows will not erase the hard drive unless you tell it to reformat the hard drive before reinstalling the operating system. You will have to reinstall all your programs that were installed prior to reinstall but all your saved files will still be there.

What is the difference between an External drive and backup drive?

An external drive is the same as an internal drive just not installed inside the case. Meaning you can use it in exactly the same way as an internal drive. A backup drive is usually a zip drive designed to back up you hard drive and isn't used as a hard drive itself. It is usually in the form simalar to a floppy disk that the backup information is copied to. You can then use the backup disk and drive to reinstall all of your information from your original hard drive back to the hard drive in case of a virus or manually removing something that was needed for the system to run.

If you drive with the power steering empty can it damage the belts?

Yes, if you drive with the power steering empty of fluid and the motor locks up, it can actually rip the belt from the motor. You can damage belts and the steering motor if you drive with the power steering empty.

Do you lose everything in your apps when you reformat your mac?

Yes, when you "reformat" it erases the hard drive completely. It will be an empty drive, you will have to reinstall the OS from your disk/Apple internet or reinstall from a back-up after you do it.

Is it dangerous to drive with a power steering leak?

it is very dangerous to drive with a power steering leak. This is because steering can become almost impossible and you could have an accident.

What is the default label for a internal hard drive?

The default label for a internal hard drive is the serial number.

How would you fix the power steering in a '92 Chevy Lumina if it cuts out when you drive slowly?

HeyDuffman==If the belt is tight and it is full of fluid, take it to a garage. GoodluckJoe

Can you drive with a car with a broken steering column?

Not unless you don't intend on steering.

What is an internal CD-ROM Drive?

An internal CDROM drive is a CDROM drive designed to be permanently mounted inside a computer system.

Manuel steering on a 1983 camaro?

I converted my power steering equipped 84 Firebird to manual steering by using a manual steering box from a Chevy S10 pick-up. It was a simple bolt in replacement. And of course you have to use a shorter accessory drive belt after removing the pump. Steering effort when car is moving is not bad at all. Parking is another story, especially with 245/50 tires!

What is the standard internal drive interface that you use today?

The most popular consumer internal drive interface is SATA.

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