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Remove the gas cap, pull the fuse to the fuel pump (15 amp - check your owner's manual for the location and identification), then start the engine and let it run until it stalls. The Chilton's manual recommends also cranking the engine for ten additional seconds after this. If you let the car sit over night before beginning this procedure, the engine probably won't even start after removing the fuse, and only a few seconds of engine cranking are necessary.

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How do you relieve the fuel pressure before changing a fuel filter for a 2001 Mazda millinea?

Take the gas cap off and relieve the pressure on the tank. There will still be a little pressure in the lines but not so much. Wear eye protection . Good luck.

How do you relieve the pressure in the fuel line before changing the fuel filter in a 93 cougar?

Remove the gas cap. If you do not hear the pressure release, then press the shrader valve located on the fuel rail.

What is the purpose of a pressure relief valve?

To relieve pressure before it can cause damage to the system that is pressurized.

How do you relieve fuel pressure before changing fuel filter on 1999 Honda cr-v?

There is a "banjo" nut on the top of the filter housing, place a rag over it and loosen it gradually to bleed off the pressure.

How do you relieve fuel pressure before changing fuel pressure regulator on 93 explorer?

On the fuel rail of the 93 explorer there is a pressure valve. With the battery disconnected, place a rag around the valve to catch any fuel. depress the valve until the fuel stops coming out.

How do you relieve the pressure in the fuel line on a 96 Ford Ranger before changing the fuel filter?

on my 1994 ford ranger, i just removed the holding rings on each end of the in and out line very slowly until the pressure was released. you will get a bit of gas spray but nothing serious. hope this helps. fordman.

How do you change the gas filter on a 2002 Chrysler Voyager minivan?

Fuel tank must relieve pressure before you remove it.

How do you relieve fuel pump pressure on 1999 Malibu?

Look for a Schrader valve on the fuel rail and press it to relieve pressure. If there is not one remove the fuel cap and then be prepared for a small spray of fuel when you disconnect the filter. Place a rag around the connection before disconnecting it.

Will antifreeze run out when changing knock sensor s10 blazer?

Yes but, if you relieve the pressure by opening the radiator cap (when engine is cold) then replace the radiator cap before removing the knock sensor, only a small amount of coolant will come out while you change the unit.

Do you need to drain the oil before changing the oil pressure sensor on a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder?


How do you relieve the fuel pressure before changing the fuel filter in a Mazda millenia s?

the fsm says to pull the fuel pump relay, then start the car. i have NEVER got this to work. i leave the car sit for at least overnite, then use rags to catch the excess fuel

Where is the fuel filter on a 90 Sunbird with 2.0 liter OHC and throttle body injection?

Should be behind the gas tank. Make sure you relieve the fuel pressure before you disconnect it. You can relieve the fuel pressure by removing the fuse for the fuel pump (f/p)and turning the car over.

What is the normal water pressure before the pressure reduction valve?

There is no such thing as normal water pressure, it is changing all the time due to demand in the water distribution system. If a PRV is needed then the pressure is higher upstream than is wanted.

Do you have to turn off the water before changing a valve stem?

no you dont It is safe to leave the water on, whislt changing the stem If you don't want any problems, turn the pressure off.

Where is the Fuel Pressure Regulator located on a 2004 Cadillac deville?

Remove engine cover; regulator is in on the back fuel rail on the right-hand end. Relieve pressure before removing regulator. Total time < 30 minutes.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?

Near the rear of the vehicle up near the gas tank; RELIEVE FUEL PRESSURE FIRST BEFORE REMOVING THE FILTER!!!

Do you have to relieve the pressure in the fuel system before replacing your fuel filter in a 1994 eagle talon?

No, you do not have to and in some cases you cannot. Unless your car has a fuel rail pressure relief valve, you can only be prepared for the spray of fuel when you disconnect the filter.

How do you replace a power steering fluid line?

draing power steering fluid before changing high pressure line silverado v8

Where is the gas filter located on a 2002 Ford Escort?

It is on the frame under the car near the gas tank. Before removing it you will need to relieve the fuel pressure. Also, it will require special tools.

Do you need to do anything such as relieve the pressure before changing the fuel filter on your Impala?

You can change it without releaving the pressure but I would reccommend bleading the pressure off using the steps below. Not bleading the pressure off will cause a fair (but manageable) amount of gas to spill out on you when you remove the filter. Take your gas cap off and then release the pressure from the fuel line under the hood. On the fuel rail is a schrader valve (which is similar in appearance to what you find on a bicycle tire). Place a rag around the valve to catch the gas that comes out. It will probably have high pressure initially so wear safety glasses of some sort. Also, (and this should go without saying...)make sure your engine is cold before doing this to prevent fumes from ignighting.

Do you do a wheel alignment before or after changing rotors?

after changing rotors

How do you release pressure in gas line before changing fuel filter in 1989 ford ranger?

start the truck then while it running pull the fuse for the fuel pump and allow the truck to die then fuel line have no pressure

Is there any concern with fuel pressure when changing the filter on a 1996 Mazda B3000 pickup?

AnswerYes! Allways use caution when working with fuel! If the car is "hot" there may be pressure. Also the system may be gravity feed and gasoline may flow out, and if you just turned on the ignition, it will have full pressure in the line. It will allways have some fuel pressure.Before changing the fuel filter locate the fuse or relay for the fuel pump and disconnect it, then start the truck until it dies. This will minimize pressure in the line.

How do you replace a fuel pump located on a 1996 infiniti I30?

the fuel pump should be located underneath the rear passenger seat but first you must disconnect the battery relieve the fuel pressure before you embark on removing it

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