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Remove the door panel screws (outer edges). Remove the door pull screws. Roll down window. Apply slight pressure to bottom of door panel by squating and placing knees under the door panel and raising up on toes to apply the pressure up and out. This will release the tabs holding bottom portion of door panel on. **There is also a tab by the door pull take care not to break**. Once bottom of door panel is released push in at top of door panel work top of door panel up at window opening until removed. May also need to remove or peel back sound barrier (the black adhesive is extremly sticky, worse when hot) Once door panel is removed, remove the screws holding the speaker/mounting spacer in. Detach the tabbed connector from the speaker. If using an after market speaker mounting spacer may need to be modified to accept speaker. Connector may be removed from old speaker and soldered onto the new speaker to retain factory connection. Install new speaker and replace door panel.

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Q: How do you remove-replace stereo speaker in '99 Durango?
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