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How do you remove 1997 Chrysler town and country alternator?

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2007-10-26 01:46:18

I just did this on my own van. The first thing to do is to

disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. Then remove the

serpentine belt. You'll need a 15 mm wrench to do this. I put a

peice of exhaust pipe over the wrench for extra leverage. Put the

wrench on the tension pulley and pull back to loosen the belt. Slip

the belt off of the alternator pulley and let it drop down out of

the way. Next, take the top bolt off of the alternator and loosen

the bottom one. This will allow you to tlit the alternator back.

Then remove the plate that the upper alternator bolt attaches to.

This will give you room to get at the nut on the backside of the

lower alternator bolt. Remove this bolt and the alternator will be

free. Remove the electrical connections and then you are ready to

pull the alternator out. It is a very tight fit to pull the

alternator out between the support bracket and the fender well but

it can be done. Remove the windshield tray drip hose and pull it

out of the way. Pull the alternator forward and jockey it around

until it comes out. You may have to push in on the support bracket

to get it to come out.

To put the new one in , do everything in reverse order. Have fun

with the belt!!

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