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There are some slight differences in the location of screws depending on production dates. With that in mind read on. Pry off the triangle (two clips) which is just inboard of the outside mirror, top first, then slide it up away from main door panel. Pry off door lock bezel and bezel around inside door handle, back edge first. These can all be done with a flat screwdriver. If there are round plastic buttons at the leading and trailing edges of the panel (some models), pry them off as well. Remove any small screws found behind these panels with a 9/32 (7mm) nut driver, as well as the one in front of the door pull/armrest. There is no need to remove the door handle. On some models there is also a screw at the bottom of the storage compartment near the rear of the door. You can feel it by running your hand along the bottom. Different production required the removal of electronics from door panel first before able to remove door panel. Using a flat head screwdriver, you can pry up the electronics panel that houses the door locks, window controls, and power mirrors. It is attached by two clips set to the door panel. Once this housing has been lifted off, another 9/32 (7mm) hex head nut needs to be removed. Once all the screws are out, the door panel slides up and then away. You will have to disconnect the plugs from the door lock switches, window switches, tweeter, and seat heater, if applicable. They are all locked plugs which need to be squeezed to disconnect.

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Q: How do you remove 2002 Chevy Tahoe door panels?
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