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takes alot of time and isn't worth it!!! anyway theres bolts every where mostly on the sides just pull on the side of the dash a little bit and look for a bolt that's holding it in..up at the bottom of the windshield under those plastic peices on the inside of the car theres alot of bolts/screws that hold it in,on the bottom sides theres alot just have to look theres no real way to explain unless someone is in the process of doing it and they take a search on Yahoo or Google,or go to civic forums,if your doing it to paint it its easyier to just tape off the windshield or take the windshield out serously!! ~Marcus

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 06:12:33
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Q: How do you remove 95 Honda civic dashboard?
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in a 95 Honda civic the fuel pump access is located under the rear seat. simply remove the metallic covering and it can be seen

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