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Lift cap on the end of the windshield wiper arm where it connects to the wiper motor assembly. Under the cap you will see a nut. Remove the nut with a 15mm socket. Wiggle the wiper arm back and forth until it comes off.

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Q: How do you remove Dodge Durango windshield wipers?
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The size for windshield wipers on a 1994 dodge ram 1500 are 20. i have a 94.

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Should be the same as the wipers--Check to see if you are getting power to the washer pump - if so could be a bad washer pump

A 1994 dodge spirit where is the fan motor resistor found?

it is in the engine compartment. remove the plastic cowl under the wipers and behind the windshield wiper reservoir you will find the resistor tucked under there.1 remove wipers 2 remove cowl 3 remove wiper reservoir and you will find it there

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Disconnect battery.

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You have to remove the wipers and the cover that's underneath them. There is a hole on the passenger side that allows access to the resistor from under the hood.

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