How do you remove Trojan horse downloader swizzor AD?

I think this has work (fingers crossed)

1)create a shortcut to your desktop with command line "C:\System Volume Information\_restore{8349A2C4-8CD9-422C-BCBB-BCDF6B1AB73C}"

2) open shortcut and sub-folder RP109.

3)Delete files A0217553.exe and A0217554.exe

4) Run your anti-virus program to make sure.

After deleting the files i have not had any thing about swizzor from AVG. Would like to hear from you guys if it works 4 you.


If the virus is in the system volume information Download AVG from, it is free. AVG will not pick it up straight away though. Follow the steps in this page and run AVG complete test. AVG should have picked up your virus this time. (You have the option in AVG to run a custom scan where you can set it to scan the system volume information only).