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Door Panel Removalok, here we go. first, open the rear door. then look at the window switch. put a small screw driver in from the front and it comes out. Disconnect the window switch. There should be a Phillips screw under there, unscrew it. there are 2 small Phillips screws on the bottom of the panel, unscrew them. now there are 2 small plastic clips on the rear of the panel. push the center of them and pull them out from the ends. to reinstall them, pull the center out again more than they were, put in the slot and push the small button till flush. now there are afew white clips inside the panel. you need a "crows foot" or a simple strong flathead screwdriver. put it between the panel and the metal of the door and start prying little by little going aroung from right under where the 2 plastic clips were. then once all the clips are disconnected, push the panel up. now you will need a 10mm socket and ratchet to remove the gold screws. good luck.

You will most likely need to replace any plastic fasteners as these tend to break even when removing them carefully. These 'plastic clips' are not expensive and can be found at any Toyota dealership.


There is a procedure to remove the front interior door panel on a 1996 Camry with photos at this URL. The 1992 - 1996 Camry's are the same, so this procedure will work on the 1993 Camry too. It shoud be very similar for the rear door. The hardest part is removing the bezel. Once you know how, though, it is not too hard. No need to break anything. You can paste this URL into your web browser or click on the Related links below. Good Luck!

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Q: How do you remove a 1993 Toyota Camry rear door panel to check the power window motor?
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