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How do you remove a 75hp outboard motor from a boat?

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you will need a hoist capable of supporting the weight of the engine.then disconnect the steering linkages, the electrics,and fuel lines then loosen the big "C" clamp looking bolts at rear of boat these are generally on the front side of the engine mount when they are loose you should be able to lift engine with hoist pretty simple.

2007-11-11 12:50:00
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Q: How do you remove a 75hp outboard motor from a boat?
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How do you time a 75HP Chrysler outboard boat motor?

Jew Jew

Is Outboard a word?

Yes. For example, you can have an outboard motor on a boat.

How do you remove cotter pin from boat motor?

i am trying to remove cotter pin from my 40 hp outboard motor, and cant seem to get anywhere with it,any ideas what i can do to remove it Thanks

What is the part the outboard motor connects to?

An outboard motor generally is attached either directly to the transom of the boat, or to a bracket that is attached to the transom of the boat.

What is a transoom on a boat?

The transom on a boat is the stern on which an outboard motor can be clamped.

Is a boat a motor vechial?

Only if it has an engine or outboard motor fitted.

What is the name of a small boat engine?

Outboard motor.

Can pontoon boat sink with inboard outboard motor?

Yes. A motor doesn't guarantee that a boat cannot sink.

How often should you rebuild a outboard boat motor?


Inside an outboard motor work?

it has a shaft that go in the motor that moves the boat =-Þ

Where is VIN on mercury outboard motor?

location of VIN # on a 1999 Tracker boat motor?

Do you need a boat license for a 5 hp motor?

do you need a boat licence for a 5hp outboard

What is a boats transoms?

The transom is the stern end of a boat, where you mount the outboard motor on a small boat.

What additional information appears on the capacity plate of a power boat that has an outboard motor?

Usually will list max HP motor for that boat.

Does the 1977 75hp Chrysler outboard motor run on just gasoline?

I just bought a boat witha 76 Chrysler 75 HP motor. It uses a 32:1 oil/gas mix. Runs great but right now it shuts down when I put it in forward or reverse. Searching for help in the "why" of this.

What is the Best 4 stroke 75 hp outboard boat motor?

The one that presents the lowest 10-year expected total cost (purchase, fuel, oil, maintenance, repairs, depreciation). Boat load and prop selection have a helluva lot more impact on 75hp performance than does the cowling badging.

How do you change the impeller on a 9.8 mercury outboard?

The impeller on a 9.8 Mercury outboard boat motor can be easily changed. Remove the retaining bolt. The impeller will come off. Reverse the process to install the new impeller.

What is the world's fastest paddle boat?

One with a big ol outboard motor.

Who invented the first outboard motor for a boat?

Ole Evinrude1907the rebel

If the boat outboard motor starts buy stalls when put into gear what is wrong?

what causes a boat motor 40 hp to stall when it is put in gear

What is a sailboat with an outboard motor considered?

A sail boat with an outboard motor is still a sailboat UNTIL the motor is turned on then it becomes a powerboat. A sailboat with it's sails up and the engine running is deemed to be a motor-sailer.

How are boats powered?

Either sails or with motors, either inboard or outboard. Inboard has basically a car motor connected to the propeller, outboard, the motor hangs on the back of the boat.

What is a tiller motor?

Assuming You are referring to an Outboard motor: A "tiller" motor is one that has the "handle" if you will, connected to the unit, to control the motor ie the throttle and steer while sitting in the back of the boat. An outboard that runs controls and a steering wheel to a different part of the boat I believe is referred to as a "remote."

How do you fill with fluid mercury trim motor?

To fill your Mercury Outboard Trim boat motor, lower your engine to a 45 degree angle, Make sure your boat is level. Remove fill screw, and add the amount of fluid required to fill.

What is a boat?

A boat is a craft used for transportation of goods, fishing, racing, recreational cruising, or on the water, propelled by oars or an outboard motor or by an inboard motor or by the wind.