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How do you remove a 97 geo prizm dashboard?

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I need to know also. My dashboard instrument cluster lights are out and can't see the speedometer.

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Is a 97 Toyota corolla and a 94 95 geo prizm engine interchangeable?

96 and 97 Corolla and Prizm are the same, but, they have an extra crankshaft sensor, that the 93, 94, and 95 does not have,

Does a 97 geo prizm have a fuel pump?

Yes, it is mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

Are the parts in a 1990 and a 1995 geo prizm interchangeable?

no, but a lot of parts from 93 thru 97 will interchange.

Where is the back up switch for the reverse lights on a 97 Geo prizm with a 5sp?

should be screwed into the transmission case

Where is the ECM on a 97 Geo Prizm?

next to the gas pedal in the center console next to the gas pedal in the center console

What size speakers are in a 97 geo prizm?

Rear deck speakers are 6" or 6 1/2" and the door speakers are 4"

Will a hood of a 97 corolla fit a 97 geo prizm?

i talked to dealership and yes. same car, made by same factory just one has gm on it the other doesnt.

What is causing a 97 Geo Prizm to overheat when the fluid level in the radiator is full?

You could have a stuck thermostat or your cooling fans aren't working.

Is trunk accessible from rear seats in a 94 geo prizm?

Only in the LSI version of the car. This is the same for all models '93-'97

What are the dimensions for a 1995 geo prism trunk?

According to this review of 1993-97 Geo Prizm models, the volume of the 1995 Prizm's trunk is 12.7 cubic feet. I have not found a width or height for the trunk interior. The exterior width of the vehicle is 66.3 inches.

What 3 speed automatic transmission's corolla and prizm will work in a 1993 geo prizm with a 1.6L engine?

Any Prizm or Corolla auto trans from 93 to 97. The 1.6 or the 1.8 housings are all the same. Just make sure if it is a 3 or 4 spd auto. It is a 6 hour job.

How do you change the rear pads for your 1994 geo prizm?

Unless you have a GSI prizm I am not sure if they were made after 92 you would have brake shoes on the rear, pads in front.I just replaced rear shoes on a 97 and the 94 is the same car.They are hard to replace if you do it yourself pay close attention to how they look before you remove them, they are tricky. Patience is the key to this job.

How do you change the heater core on '97 Geo Prizm?

Hey Rob==This is a pretty good job. Get a manual on your car from the parts store and it will have pictures and everything. Good luckJoe

How do install an aftermarket radio in a 97 geo prizm?

Slide the new radio into the radio slot. Attach the wiring harness and the antenna cable. Secure the radio with the retaining bolts.

How do you install a tachometer on a 1993 Geo Prizm 1.6L No original Tach?

I just bought the instrument cluster out of one with the tach in it out of a junkyard. All of the wiring plugs are identical. Just a couple of screws to remove and three plugs on the back of it. 93 to 97 should be the same.

Why does Geo prizm vibrate as low RPM?

I am having the same issue with my 97 Geo Prizm. I had my mechanic look at it. He slightly jacked up the motor and said the vibration wnet away and as he suspected it was the worn out motor mounts. It is worse in the winter when it is cold. I am in the process of replacing the motor mounts now, but the cheapest I can find them is almost $300 on the web. Good luck

How do you remove the dashboard console in a 1995 Geo Prizm to replace the radio?

You have to get a flathead screwdriver and pop it out from above the air conditioner console all the way to the bottom underneath the tray and cigarette lighter. Make sure you unplug the cables from your hazard light (Behind the button with the three red triangles). If you buy a car stereo for your prizm make sure you get the headunit kit for 20 bucks so it fits it will come with a booklet that shows the part of the dash you have to take off. This applies to any geo prizm from 93-97. Also randomness...... back speakers are 6 1/2 inch front are like 4's but I don't think you can buy 4's so get 5.25's and drill new holes.

How do you remove the dashboard on a 97 Lanos?

This webpage shows how to do it with pictures

Does a 97 geo metro have a fuel light?

The '97 Geo Metro (Base, LSi or XFi) does not have a fuel light.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a geo prizm?

On a '97 prizm with a 1.6 L , it is on the back (cabin side) of the engine near the belts, just above and aiming down at the crankshaft. The lower belt pulley is mounted on the end of the crankshaft. The wires connect higher up near the valve cover. ( 2 wires , connecter is right above it about 6 inches up) 97 prizm 1.6 L automatic transmission w a/c

Where is the ignition switch located on a 97 Blaser?

It is located under the lower dashboard. Remove the lower dashboard and then remove the two nuts holding the steering column up. Get rid of the plastic shell around the switch area. It is an inverted star socket.

Will a motor from a 93 geo prizm fit into a 92 geo prizm?

If it's the standard engine, yes. Both the first generation ('89-'92) and second generation ('93-'97) Prizms were powered by the same engine, the 4A-FE, but the option of a more powerful engine was also available to buyers, the 4A-GE engine for the first generation cars and the 7A-FE for the second generation cars.

What is the gas mileage for a Geo Tracker?

i have a 97 geo tracker and get 32 miles to the gallon

Disarming alarm on 97 Volvo V70?

If same as later models then open drivers door, remove fuse box cover on end of dashboard (where dashboard meets door) remove alarm fuse, diagram on cover will tell which one...hope this helps.

How do you remove Honda Odyssey dashboard storage box?

A '97 Odyssey has a timing belt, not a chain. The belt needs to be replaced at 100K intervals.