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How do you remove a CD player from a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant es?



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You'll need to pop off the cover plate that's surrounding the stereo and the heat/air controls. BE CAREFUL, this part is made of plastic and will break. I'd use a large flat-head screw driver and gently pry around the edges until you feel it release. (it holds itself w/ 4 snap-on pillars, one in each corner) There will be 4 screws holding the air controls in place. Remove them and lift the heat/air control panel up until it comes free. (you don't need to completely remove it, just move it down so you can get to the stereo) Now you're ready to remove the head unit. There will be 2 small metal arms that are mounted on both sides of the head unit. Use a flash light to see what you're doing. Aim it below & behind the head unit. You'll see screws that hold these arms in place. They are located pretty far back behind the CD player. Use a long Phillips head screw driver and remove them. Be sure not to drop them or you'll never find them. These screws are part of the anti-theft mechanism. They hold the CD player in place and make it difficult for a thief to just pull out. Once the screws have been removed, pull up on the head unit until it releases and pull the CD player out. don't be surprised if the antenna plug pulls itself out. Un-clip the wiring harness and you're done!