How do you remove a Trojan horse Startpage 4 av virus found in c windows olehelp exe?

AVG Antivirus (the free one) just shifted it off my system - no trouble

All Trojan horses are hidden files so you would need to go to the Files Option (click the View tab)at Control Panel and uncheck both the *Hide file extension for known file types & *Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)-boxes, then OK yourself out. You will then need to restart your computer and and go into Safe Mode by holding the F8 key down -(kind of at the beginning of bootup). When you're at the DeskTop screen go to Start/ Search/ For Files and Folders and type up the NAME OF THE FILE & EXT i.e - olehelp.exe, you can delete this file from here. Also, make sure to empty your Recycle Bin.

I have had 4 Trojan horses on my C drive and kinda figured out the above method a week ago. I deleted the Temp file from the Restore folder after unchecking the hidden files boxes, then went to SafeMode to delete what virus files that were still there. My computer is now absolutely FREE of these pests!