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Before the key will come out of the lock.

The Keyway should be in the vertical position, the same position it was in when

the key was put into the lock.


Be very careful not to damage the dust shutter door

at the entrance to the keyway.

It is held in place by a small hinge pin and spring.

If it breaks, remove the parts from the keyway.

Locksmiths: Have experience and tools for broken key removal.

AAA Automobile Club locksmiths, may be a good choice.

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Q: How do you remove a broken key in a car trunk lock?
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In a 1986 Pontiac Trans am Is the trunk electric or manual if electric where is the trunk button?

It is manual, there is no trunk button whatsoever on the inside of the car, you need the key to get in. The lock on ours was broken, so we had to drill through the destroyed lock to open it :D

Trunk lock clicking but car doesn't start?

Sorry, but your question makes no sense at all. What does a trunk lock have to do with your car starting or not.

Where is trunk release in Pontiac fiero?

The rear "trunk" (decklid) release mechanism is an option, if equipped, and is located on the right side of the dash protrusion on the dash. It will be a switch that shows an opening "trunk". If this switch is not there, then the car was not equipped with rear trunk release. If you are trying to get into a Fiero trunk that does not have a decklid release mechanism or a broken one, and you have lost the keys, then you will have to actually break into the car to open the trunk. Typically, if the outer key switch is remove, you can insert a long screwdriver into the hole and pop the trunk lock.

How do you remove a key from a car trunk lock on a 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass?

grab the end of the key sticking out and pull straight back.

How do you remove the lock out of your car trunk?

On the inside of your trunk lid locate the lockcylinder. There is a thin metal retainer which holds the cylinder in place, it has a small tab sticking out. Pull the retainer out and the cylinder will slide out .

Why does my car crank with no key?

Your ignition lock is broken.

How do you take out the backseat so you can access the trunk from inside the car Something in the trunk is blocking the trunk lock mechanism Thanks?

Need to know what the vehicle is.

I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. When I first got the car - my trunk lock would work half of the time. Key still turns but doesn't work at all now I used the lever until it broke. How do I fix it?

Remove the rear seat to access the trunk and repair the lock assembly.

Where is a place a parent may hide Christmas presents?

Most parents lock them up somewhere - like a hall closet or the trunk of the car or in a trunk in the attic or anywhere with a lock on it.

How do you open the trunk of 1999 buick century when keys are in trunk no trunk release without breaking the lock?

Lucky you, you get to pull the back seat out and pull two or three bolts to remove the back pad on the back seat and go in from the inside of the car... or you could call a locksmith. However, there is usually a trunk relase in the glove box of the car...

What is wrong when a door is open but the lock mechanism won't unlock?

The lock mechanism is broken. Can you keep it lock from inside the car?

Can you use a screwdriver and hammer to break car trunk lock?

It will cause less damage to trunk by drilling through it with a cobalt drill.

How do you open the trunk of a 1996 Buick Park Avenue when the keys are locked in the trunk and the trunk release in the car won't work?

Have you tried the trunk lock button inside of the glove box? Greg

Can a hard slam break or damage a Lincoln town car trunk lock?


Where is the lock code on a 1994 Lincoln town car or where can you get it?

a 93 has it on rt trunk hinge

Where is the trunk lock fuse?

You need to add the type and year of car for this question to be answered.

How can you get into your trunk of your 1993 Lexus ls 400 without remote or the master key the car is not locked but the trunk lever will not open?

I came across this problem. There is a lock below the steering wheel that will cause the trunk lever to disengage when it is pushed in. Use the master key to turn the lock (located below the steering wheel). It must be the master key. Without the master key you will need to remove the lock (located below the steering wheel). Good luck.

How do you find your 1993 Lincoln Town Car door lock code?

look n the trunk the number is usually located on one of the trunk hinges

How do I open the trunk of My 2007 Colbalt when the battery is dead problem And I can't get My car key out of My Ignition to open it?

Put your key in the trunk lock and turn.

How do you fix a car door lock that will open but not lock from the outside?

First remove the Door panel on the vehicle and make sure any of the lock or handle rods are not broken or diaconected. Secondly if that's not the problem you may have a broken door latch. Price varies per brand name on parts but it should not be a huge fix.

What size socket to remove wheel lock on car?


Car trunk can't close?

it really should close. maybe if you check and see if it is something wrong with it or is it too full? ever car trunk should close or it is broken or jammed.

How can you open the trunk of a 2000 Toyota Camry when the key in lock of trunk won't work and the button in car won't open it either?

You have the only one way through the rear seats. It will not easy to open it from inside because you will have to remove interior parts but it's possible.

Can the trunk a 95 Mercury Sable be opened if the release latch from inside the car has been locked and the trunk key has been lost?

call a lock smith

How do you fix a car door lock of a Chevy aveo that feel in the door?

Remove the door panel, retrieve the lock and put it back in its retainer. Check the lock handle to see if the plastic is broken as most locks falling inside the door actually occur because someone has punched the lock in an attempt to break in.