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I just did this today. 1. remove the 3 plastic screws below glovebox. 2. remove plastic screw farther down under dash (after you do above, you will know what I'm talking about. 3. remove panel (all screws should be out now) 4. go behind dash and remove two nuts that hold radio in place. 5. push on radio from behind, and radio will come out the front. 6. Detach all connectors (about 8).

PS: I removed the negative battery cable just to make sure the power is off.

If you do it right, you can get it out in 1/2 hour without damaging your dash. Don't believe the people who tell you you have to take your dash out. The only panel that needs to be removed is the one below the glovebox, and it's pretty easy to do that without breaking anything.

! Steve

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Q: How do you remove a car stereo from a 1989 Mazda 929?
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