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How do you remove a carrier bearing from a 1988 Suburban?


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You have to pull the wheels off, then the brake drums from the rear axle. The axles have to come out to get the rear differential out...if you are trying to replace the ring gear and pinion gear. This is a job that requires a pro. The reinstalling of the new ring and pinion gear must be set exactly right...or it will HOWL..Grind itself up...and fail. Often when this Type job has to be is easier for you to buy a good rear end that comes Drum To Drum from a salvage yard much cheaper...and its easy to unbolt the old rear end...and bolt the other back in...and go on down the road. For me, it has been cheaper everytime. Just be sure to change the rear gear oil yourself...or have the lube shop switch it out ( its Cheap). Be sure you fit the axle breather tube back to the nipple on the rearend. It runs from the axle up above to the frame and the end loops back down in a upside down J . It keeps the water out of the rearend, when you back down the ramp to launch your boat. Water in the rearend is the number one cause of rearend failures. Driving in high water will also do the same.


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