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How do you remove a door panel on a 1999 Chevy Metro window is off its'track?

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The easy part is getting the panel off. The problem is what you're going to find inside the door. So, first, to remove the panel, remove the trim that surrounds the mirror adjustment, then the screws in the door latch cover, the two screws from the pull handle and (I think one more...). Then you have to remove the window crank handle -- the first Real Pain in the process. The problem here is that the handle is held on by a bent (nearly circular) wire clip. This clip fits in a grove to hold the thing on. You've seen this sort of thing before, probably, it's a common scheme. The shop manual says to slide a rag under the handle and lift ... Be creative and try not to break things or invoke any pagen dieties... Once all this stuff is off, you have to kind of lift the panel off, realizing that there are clips all around... Next, you'll find a plastic vapor barrier on the metal part of the door. You don't have to remove this completely, but you can do so... just remember how it went on. Hint: This is what digital cameras are for! If you don't have one, get one at Walmart for $30. It'll save a Lot of grief in putting things back together. OK. Now you're down to the metal. You're going to have to take off several screws (it's kinda obvious which ones) to get inside the door. You will need a Good Large Phillips head screwdriver. (I think it's about 6 screws.) Don't do all this yet, just look at the way things are put together with a small mirror and flashlight (inside the door). You will need to remove the screw(s) that hold on the plastic bracket thing... Look around and it should be clear which other ones to take out. Now, you are going to have to remove the window from the lifting mechanism. It has to be raised a bit to do this ... but with the thing all open you can do this. You'll see the window glass is held on with a bracket and screws. Undo these -- carefully -- and (after taking pictures!) pull the glass out. Again, be careful!! You are now ready to remove the regulator assembly. Take all those 6 or so screws out and fuss and play with it to get it out. NOW FOR THE PROBLEM. What you're very likely going to find is that the window raising sissor mechanism is Severely Bent. This happens 'cuz some unsuspecting person tried to force the window up. You are going to have to straighten these sissor arms and then likely also remove and repair the aluminum slot that guides the free end of the sissor mechanism. This slot guide must be perfectly parallel and the proper distance to match the nylon bearing that runs inside. You will also have to figure out what it should look like, since it'll very likely be quite damaged (i.e. bent). Go to your Chevy dealer. Ask him for the part number of "The Regulator Assembly". He'll tell you that you can but a new one for something close to $140. Ask him/her for a printout of the catalogue illustration. He'll do that for free, and in simpathy for the $140 price. Take this picture home -- or even enlarge it at the local copy shop -- and study it. If you think you can may your parts look like the picture, then do so. Otherwise you gotta spend the $140. Oh yes, and when you put things back together, make sure you get the window in properly, or it will exert too much force when you raise it, and you'll destroy the new/repaired regulator arms you just put in. Sometimes it helps to use two hands to raise the window, lifting with one while cranking with the other. Try this while eating a 'burger and talking on the cell phone. It's a good way to illustrate the multitasking capabilities of the human species... and the closemindedness of the local law enforcement folks if they see you doing this. Good Luck! (MikeG)

2007-05-19 11:10:55
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Q: How do you remove a door panel on a 1999 Chevy Metro window is off its'track?
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