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You;ll need an injector removal socket from Kent Moore or a Snap-on dealer.

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How do you remove the gas tank from a 1986 Nissan SE V6 pickup?

I took the bed off (held on by 6 nuts), and then removed the gas tank, which is held on by 6 nuts). Was pretty simple actually. Was able to remove the pump and clean the tank thoroughly.

Why is my Nissan Sentra jerking every so often?

the injectors could be dirty buy fuel injector cleaner or the machanic could take them out and clean them

How do you replace a fuel injector in a 1998 ford crown Victoria?

Remove the fuel rail, the injector just pulls out. Make sure area is very clean. Replace all o-rings.

Why would a 96 Nissan pickup not start when its raining?

Your distributer might have a crack in it and moisture is getting in to it and grounding it out,inspect it,wipe clean and check.

Your 1985 Nissan pickup truck will not start it just clicks what should you do?

Try jumping it off. If it cranks remove the + side on the battery. If it shuts off the alternator is bad .If it does not shut off clean the battery terminals . Have the battery checked at the Auto Zone.

What may cause misfire on hills with ford 350 4x4 pickup truck?

A bad fuel injector can cause a miss fire especialy when you load the engine up like pulling a hill. You may want to invest in have a three stage injection clean the fuel rail and injector.

How do you clean fuel injector systems 1999 Kia Sportage?

buy a bottle of fuel injector cleaner to do that job for you

Can you use fuel injector cleaner to clean your fuel filter?

No its just to clean your injectors the fuel injector cleaner will just go right through the filter it wont do anything to filter.

How do you clean a Honda accord clogged fuel injector?

Go Down to your local part store and by the best fuel injector cleaner for your car.

How difficult and how do you clean your own fuel injectors in your 1995 Nissan 240SX SE?

Fuel injector cleaner that you mix with a tank of gas, doing anything else to your fuel injectors to try to clean them can, and will likely end up damaging the injector itself, or the o ring seals that maintain fuel pressure. I have changed my injectors myself before, and they don't usually come out easily, or without breaking the plastic electric connector. Good old injector cleaner from time to time will do wonders, and keep system running smoothly.

What happens when you pour fuel injector cleaner into the throttle body injection?

Pouring the injector cleaner down the throttle body won't clean the injectors. You need to add the injector cleaner to the fuel tank for it to help you. Read the instructions on the container of injector cleaner.

How can you clean the Idle Air Control Valve on a 1998 Nissan Frontier?

how can I clean the Idle Air Control Valve on a 1998 Nissan Frontier

Extremely slow pickup for 1982 300TD?

check accelerator for correct adjustment; check gas flow in each injector; check air filter; check turbo; Clean out the banjo bolt and clear tube on the back side of the intake manifold on the passenger side. Make sure the tube is clear all the way to the ALDA on top of the injector pump.

Why does your 92 Saturn sl1 flood?

You have a leaky injector. If you can get the vehicle to start, add a little injector cleaner to your next tank of fuel. Sometimes that is enough to clean the sticky/leaking injector. Some people have recommended 8 oz of acetone per 10 gallons of fuel to clean sticky/leaking injectors.

How do you turn off the egr valve on a 87 ram 50 pickup?

You cannot simply turn an EGR valve off. You can clean it, replace it, or remove it, but you cannot turn it off.

How do you clean out fuel injection?

Simply put some injector cleaner in the gas tank. If this doesn't work, a mechanic will have to clean it. GoodluckJoe

How do you clean your fuel filter on a Nissan tiida?

The fuel filter is at the back of the air box. You will have to remove the battery and will need the radio code when finished. Remove battery and air box. and you will see the fuel filter. You cant clean the filter but should change every 40,000km r so.

How do you replace an oil pump on a 1998 dodge durango?

u have to remove the oil pan , it is in the rear part of the pan and make sure u clean out the oil pan sludge before u reinnstall it and also clean out the pickup tube,

When Do you use Fuel Injector Fluid?

When your injectors get dirty with gum buildup. You can tell this by removing the injector and watching the spray pattern as you collect it in a large jar or bucket. CAREFULLY! The fuel mist is incredibly flammable. A clean injector creates a uniform mist, a dirty one creates a more unstable pattern with larger drops. The fluid contains detergents and solvents to re-dissolve the gunk and remove it.

How do you remove the rotors on a 1997 Nissan pickup?

The rotors are attached to the hub assembly. Remove the hub, then remove the six bolts securing the rotor to the hub. Pay special attention the the seals on the hubs as they will probably need to be replaced. Clean and repack wheel bearings before reassembling. 1. Remove dust cap from hub assembly 2. Remove cotter pin, nut cover, large nut and washer 3. You should now be able to pull hub assembly off, including wheel bearings 4. Remove the six bolts securing the rotor to hub

How do you clean Yamaha four stroke outboard injectors?

You clean a four stroke injectors with Lucas injector cleaner at any auto parts store.

98 Chevy blazer 4.3l changed iac valve egr valve fuel filter PCV valve plugs and wires and still you have rough idol especially when cold?

You may have a bad fuel injector. Try to single out which cylinder is dead, then remove that spark plug, if the plug is clean and dry you have a faulty fuel injector.

Where can one go to purchase a fuel injector cleaner?

Fuel injector cleaner is a liquid which one puts in their gas tank to clean the engine and improve fuel performance. Fuel injector cleaner can be purchased at Canadian Tire, Walmart, and at many gas stations.

How do you clean a fuel filter on Nissan Pulsar n14?

Replace the fuel filter. There is no way to open it and clean it.

How do you remove VW cabrio injectors?

1) The injector is pulled from the insert, with main O-ring and end cap/small O-ring together 2) The end cap is removed from the injector with plyers. Replace the O-ring now, or before installing the injector) 3) Remove the "C" clip (the old, large O-ring can just be cut or pried off - mine were dried and brittle) 4) Take the new O-ring (after soaking in a little gas) and slide it over the injector until it seats in it's groove 5) Reinstall the "C" clip 6) Reinstall the end cap 7) Remove/install inserts if you want to clean them 8) Smear a little oil on the O-rings and insert the injectors

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