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Place the piece of clothing in a tub. Boil a pot of water. Hold the pot high (3+ feet) above the clothing and pour on the spot. Watch out for hot water splatters. Sounds strange but it works. Also good for red wine spots.

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Q: How do you remove a grape juice stain from fabric?
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Does grape juice stain teeth?

Red grape juice does stain teeth.

Remove grape juice stains from a mattress?

Grape Juice does not come out of materials because of the grapness. It is a stain. I know.... right? SIlly billy.

Does grape juice stain?


Why do the chemicals in the grape juice stain your teeth?

Because there is an acid in grape juice it is citrus acid

Why does grape juice stain clothes?

because of the color

Why does grape juice stain?

the acid in it makes it and the dye.

Does grape juice stain suede?

Pretty much everything stains suede...

What is the effect of grape juice on teeth?

The effect is that grape juice has acidic citrus containing in it. Therefore, it is most likely going to stain your teeth every time you drink it.

Why it is easy to remove stain from synthetic fabric than cotton fabric?

Synthetic fabric are containing good chemicals and enzymes due to which it is easy to remove stain and cotton does not contain any good chemicals.

Why does grape juice stain your teeth?

grapes have a acidic citrus in them that dies teeth black.

How do you remove grape juice stain from a wood table?

Take a cloth and dampen it with hot water. Using a small amount of powder oxyclean applied to the damp cloth, gently rub the stain. After you're done, you would never even know there was a stain!

Which of grape juice cola and coffee will stain the teeth the most?

i did a science expierment on this and it turns out that grape juice stained the teeth the most. after two weks of soaking it turned the tooth purple

How do you get a juice stain out of hardwood floors?

The secret to getting a juice out of hardwood floors is to try to get to the stain before it sets into the wood. A water and vinegar mixture can be used to remove a juice stain from hardwood floors.

How do you get rid of petrol smell on fabric in a car?

By cutting a fresh lemon in half and rubbing the juice into the fabric, being extremely careful not to stain the material, will help in eliminating gas odors and other smells from fabric. By cutting a fresh lemon in half and rubbing the juice into the fabric, being extremely careful not to stain the material, will help in eliminating gas odors and other smells from fabric.

How do you remove a denim stain on fabric shoes?

u dont oxiclean

How do I get a grape juice stain out of carpet?

When my mother was out of town, I spilled grape juice on her living room floor! If I don't get this situation under control pronto, she will be really upset. Where can I get some chemicals for carpet cleaning upholstery etc?

What is in grape juice that makes it hard to get the stain out?

my nut loser... (lol?) stains!

How do you remove blackcurrant juice from a carpet?

Tear up the carpet throw it away this will remove the stain

How do you remove oil stains from a fabris car seat?

There are a handful of ways you can remove an oil stain from a fabric car seat. You can for example use dish soap on the stain.

What things stain white shirts?

woah! lots of things...grape juice, tomato sauce, like a lot of things.

How do you remove grape juice from white carpet?

You'll have to be very patient as grape juice is a powerful could use chemical cleaners, salt (if it is fresh), bleach (if it is pure white only, other colors will stain differently), or you could consider white wine. i myself use a stainstick and salt as soon as the juice hits the floor.

What are the stain properties of ball point ink?

Very hard to remove from any fabric.

What stains can you remove with lemon juice?

you can lighten chocolate stains and curry stain


The best way to remove a fabric softener stain is to wet the stain, and then rub it with a regular bar of soap. Complete the stain removal process by rewashing the garment in the hottest water that is still safe for the fabric.

What should you do if you have just spilled grape juice on the carpet?

try to get most of it up and if there is a stain get warm water or a carpet cleaning solution

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