How do you remove a grohe shower handle?

If it's like ours, there's a corrugated plastic ring just behind the handle that turns. Pry it back, it releases with clips, and insert a 3mm Allen wrench into a set screw at the very bottom of the assembly, in line with the handle. Unscrew it, pull the handle off, then remove the screws for the backing plate which are hidden behind another, clip on shield. You can then get to the two outer and four inner screws that hold the covers over the cartridge assembly which just pulls out. Of course, you water's turned off during all this. If your shower was leaking, it's probably due to the springs being tired that push against the rubber sealing cups. Simply crack the cartridge (4 bolts,) remove the control disk, pull out the cups, pull out the springs, stretch them out about 50%, reinstall with silicone lubricant, put the whole thing together in the order it came off, and if it's like ours, the leak will be gone.