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U loosen up the selector linkage 4 the transmission so the key will return 2 center...

Sometimes... Or, the problem could be that the wheels are pushed up against something, preventing the steering wheel from unlocking. In this casem, you have to muscle the steering wheel to get the key out.

Or, the ignition switch itself, which has nylon gears that can strip and break, has gone bad. To replace it, the steering wheel and other pieces have to come off.

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Q: How do you remove a key that is stuck in the ignition of your 1989 Buick LeSabre?
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How do you get a key stuck in the ignition out in a 2000 buick regal ls?

There is an access cover just under the ignition cylinder. Remove this to remove the stuck key.

How do you replace fan belt on 2002 buick lesabre?

If you are stuck, chance are you need to remove the passenger's side upper motor mount.

What do you do if your key is stuck in the ignition of a994 buick regal. the ignition will not turn to the lock position for me to remove the key?

Well, it sounds like the chip that is in your key may have broke or got stuck on a part of the ignition. I had that problem. This happened not long after I had had to have the ignition replaced?!?

How do you remove ignition key stuck in Chevy colbalt?

how to remove key stuck in ignition switch in Chevy colbalt

What is code p0742 for a 1999 buick lesabre?

Trouble code P0742 means:Torque converter clutch circuit stuck on

How do you remove stuck key in ignition 2004 explorer?

remove battery cable

Why did horn start blowing by itself 2000 buick lesabre?

the contact wires under the driver side airbag may be stuck

How do you remove the automatic shift knob on a 1995 Buick LeSabre to put in a new one?

You'll have to pull the old one straight off the shaft. Try twisting it as you pull, they are usually stuck on there pretty good.

What if your ignition key is stuck in the ignition how do you get it outa 93 Toyota?

There should be a lock on the ignition a push button that you push and turn to remove the key

How do I remove the spark plug wire on 3300 Buick engine?

Pull on it, its just stuck.

How do you remove key stuck in ignition on peugeot 406 hdi?

To remove a key that is stuck in the ignition on a Peugeot 406 HDI, make sure that the car is in park. Then try to remove the key. If this does not work, spray the ignition mechanism with WD-40 after pulling out the key as far as possible. Then work the key in and out until it comes out.

How do you remove the ignition key from a Ford Mustang when the key is stuck. The motor starts but I cannot remove the key.?

Use the opportunity to replace the ignition. Key needs to be in On position for removal.

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