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How do you remove a lower ball joint from the control arm in a 1990 Ford Thunderbird?


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2015-07-15 19:20:51
2015-07-15 19:20:51

Hey Tina==sometimes you need a special tool to separate the ball joint. Check with your parts store as sometimes they have them for rent. Goodluck, Joe


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For the lower ball joint, remove the lower control arm and the ball joint seal. Press the ball joint from the control arm. Press the new ball joint into the lower control arm ensuring it is fully seated, install a new seal and the lower control arm.

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you need a ball joint press which you can rent at your local auto parts store

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Not so easy.This is pressed into the lower control arm.So :Jack and support carRemove lower ball joint to upright nut.Separate ball joint from upright. Usually with a hammer and suspension fork.In some cases there is a spot weld that needs to be ground off in place of the snap ring.Remove the snap ring that retains the joint into the lower control arm.Use your portable ball joint and suspension press to remove and install the replacement joint.Assembly is reverse of disassembly.

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Detach lower ball joint from steering knuckle. Remove bolts that secure control arm to vehicle.

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how to remove lower ball joint on 2003 gmc savana van

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