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Hey Tina==sometimes you need a special tool to separate the ball joint. Check with your parts store as sometimes they have them for rent. Goodluck, Joe

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Q: How do you remove a lower ball joint from the control arm in a 1990 Ford Thunderbird?
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How do you replace a ball joint for 1997 dodge van b3500?

For the lower ball joint, remove the lower control arm and the ball joint seal. Press the ball joint from the control arm. Press the new ball joint into the lower control arm ensuring it is fully seated, install a new seal and the lower control arm.

How do you remove the ball of the lower ball joint from the hub on a 96 thunderbird lx right side?

you need a ball joint press which you can rent at your local auto parts store

How do you replace lower control arm in 1999 Mazda 626?

Detach lower ball joint from steering knuckle. Remove bolts that secure control arm to vehicle.

How would you replace the ball joint on your 90 accord?

I'm assuming that you are talking about the front lower ball joint as they are the most common. You remove the tire then remove the axle nut in the center of the rotor it is a should be a 32mm socket. removw the lower ball joint nut, it is a 17mm socket then with a ball hammer hit the metal casing were the ball joint goes through the lower control arm, do not hammer on the ball joint itself! it will change tone when the socket pops. when it pops pick up the assembly by the rotor and remove the lower ball joint arm from the lower control arm and remove the axle from the hub assembly. there is a retainer clip on the lower part of the ball joint that you will need to remove you will need a pair of snapring pliers for this. after removing the snapring you need to hammer the ball joint up and out of the hub. Just do these instructions backwards to install. Good luck If it's the UPPER ball joint, the whole control arm has to be replaced (the ball joint is made into the control arm, and it's non replaceable). Remove cotter pin and nut from ball joint. Get a big, heavy hammer, and hit the spindle as close to the ball joint as possible (you may have to whack it a few times). That will break the ball joint loose from the spindle. Once is loose, remove the bolts that attach the control arm to the body.

How do you remove lower ball joint on 2003 GMC savana?

how to remove lower ball joint on 2003 gmc savana van

How do you replace a ball joint on a 1991 s10 blazer?

Raise this corner of the vehicle at the frame. Remove the wheel and support the lower control arm. Remove brake caliper and rotor. Unplug ABS sensor if so equipped. If T-10 (4WD) not S-10 (RWD): Remove CV axle nut at hub. Loosen upper ball joint nut. Separate upper ball joint from spindle using large hammer to knuckle or ball-joint fork. Remove upper ball joint nut, then push upper control arm up away from spindle. Loosen lower ball joint nut, then separate from spindle. Remove lower ball joint nut. If T-10: lower spindle and remove from vehicle. If S-10: raise lower control arm enough to give you working room. Use a drill or chisel or grinder to remove four rivets holding ball joint to control arm. Secure new joint to control arm using supplied hardened steel bolts and nuts and lock washers. Continue reassembly as reverse of disassembly. Align wheels, as the alignment is now incorrect.

How do you Remove lower balljoints?

is it 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive? two wheel drive needs to be pressed out and a new joint pressed in. four wheel drive- some say to remove the drive axle, not necessary. with upper joint removed from upper control arm remove the spindle nut and remove spindle from rotor and steering knuckle (you may have to bang and pry very hard). with drive axle now mobile remove lower nut on ball joint. bang with pickle fork to release from lower control arm. remove upper four bolts or drill out rivots and replace with new ball joint.

How do you replace a lower ball joint on a bravada?

You will need to remove the tire and wheel from your Oldsmobile. Remove the retaining not on top of the ball joint. Pound the ball joint out. Reverse the process to install your new lower ball joint.

Lower ball joint on 06 dodge ram 4x4 get pushed down or up to remove?

Unless common practice has changed, you should have to press the lower ball-joint down through the bottom of the lower A-arm to remove the joint.

How do you replace the ball joint of a Oldsmobile aurora 98?

Lower Ball Joint ReplacementSpecial Tools requiredJ 43828 Ball Joint separator1 Raise and support vehicle NOTICE: Care must be taken to prevent the drive axle joints from being over extended. When either end of the shaft is disconnected, over extention of the joint could result in separation of the internal components and possible joint failure. Drive axle joint voot protectors should be used any time service is performed on or near the drive axles. Failure to observe this can result in interior joint or boot damage and possible joint failure.2. Remove the tire and wheel assembly3. Remove the wiring harness from the lower control arm.4. Remove the stabilizer shaft link.5. Remove the cotter pin and the nut form the ball joint stud.NOTICE Failure to use recommended tool for separating the ball joint from the knuckle may cause damage to the ball joint and seal.6. Separate the ball joint stud from the steering knuckle.7. Remove the bolts and nuts from the lower control arm.8. Remove the rear crossmember bolts from the lower control arm.9. Remove the lower control arm from the crossmember.10. Put the control arm in a vice.11. Drill out the 3 rivets retaining the ball joint to the lower control arm. Use a 3mm run in drill bit to make the pilot hole through the rivets. Finish drilling the rivets with a 13mm run in drill bit.12. Remove the Lower control arm.Installation.1. Install the ball joint in the control arm.2. Install the 3 ball joint bolts and nuts. (tighten bolts to specs on ball joint kit)3. Install the lower control arm to the crossmember4. Install the rear crossmember bolts to the lower control arm. Tighten to 180 ft lbs.5. Install the bolts and nuts to lower control arm. Tighten bolts to 45 ft lbs.6. Install the steering knuckle to ball joint stud7. Install the nut to the ball joint stud. Tighten nut to 41 ft lbs minimum 55 ft. lbs max to install the cotter pin.8. Install cotter pin.9. Install the stabilizer shaft link.10. Install wiring harness to lower control arm.11. Install the tire and wheel assemblies12. Lower the vehicle13. Inspect the front wheel alignment.

How do you remove and replace a lower ball joint on a 1994 escort gt 1.8?

Jack up the side you want to replace and put a jack stand under it. Remove the ball joint clamp bolt and nut. Remove the bolt completely. Remove the 2 bolts holding the ball joint to the control arm and take it off.

Do you have to remove strut to replace lower control arm?

no you do not have to remove the strut just take the lower control arm lose.

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