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you will have to remove the whole lower control arm and have the old one presed out and the new one pressed in

After U jack the truck up under the COIL spring-WICH U need 2 do 2 relieve the pressure- Then U remove the Spindle THEN with a LARGE Hammer,U beat the Crap out of the ball joint FROM the TOP-U Use a BALL JOINT Press 2 install the NEW Joint-the Press Looks like a Big C Clamp-BUT B sure 2 use JACK STANDS.& the Spring has about 4000 pounds of pressure on it.ASK somebody that has done it B 4.B sure 2 jack it up close 2 the OUTSIDE -CLOSE 2 the LOWER Ball Joint.

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Q: How do you remove a lower balljoint on a 69 GMC truck?
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