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Jeep Comanche Transmission RemovalI have a 1987 Comanche with a 2.5L and an AX-5 (manual 5-speed). It's pretty simple if you take your time. You first have to remove the rear driveshaft, transfer case if it's a four wheel drive, and the transmission crossmember. The crossmember is held on by some 15mm bolts, and if yours is like mine, they are quite rusty. I broke three of the eight when I took the crossmember off. Anyway, after those pieces are out, support the transmission with a transmission jack or a transmission adapter for a floor jack. I can't tell you where to get an adapter for the floor jack. I couldn't find one locally so I made one. Once the transmission is secure on the jack, you can take out the bolts. If I remember correctly, there are eight 18mm bolts that hold it to the engine. (Note: One of the two large bolts on the bottom, the one by the starter, goes up about 10-12 inches at an angle and also mounts to the engine. Not a problem, but be aware when you take it out.) There are also 3-4 smaller ones that you can easily see when you're under there. There are two bolts on the top side of the transmission and it's hard to get a wrench in there. You can lower the transmission 2-3 inches and it'll pull the engine down a little bit to give you better access to the top two bolts. I used a breaker bar and loosened them from the top in the engine compartment. Once all the bolts are out, you can slide the transmission back and it's off. Make sure you have disconnected the clutch line first or you'll create yourself another problem when you pull the tranny out. I swapped my stock 2WD 87 transmission for the same one, except it was 4WD from a 93 Cherokee and it was pretty much a bolt-on installation, except for the clutch. The 2- and 4-wheel drive transmissions both mount the same to the engine. My truck has a 4-cylinder, but I would imagine the 6-cylinder process would be much the same. .
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Q: How do you remove a manual transmission from an 1988 Jeep Comanche?
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