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Don't let a collection agency push you around. As a consumer you have many rights. The best places for anyone to exercise their rights are in small claims courts. For less than $100 you can bring a collection agency to their knees.

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Q: How do you remove a paid collection from your credit report if you paid even though disputed and did not agree with it and provided proof to original creditor who still sent you to a collection agency?
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How can you remove a medical collection that is no longer listed with the collection agency but has been returned to the original creditor?

I assume this means removing it from the CR. In which case you can't. It may eventually be updated to show the original creditor has reassumed the account. However, it is still a debt owed and still reportable. If a collection account has "been returned" to the original creditor, then the collection agency would not be able to provide verfification of the debt should this be requested. You could write a letter of dispute to both the credit bureaus and to the collection agency requesting a verification of debt. If this were provided despite the fact that the account is no longer theirs to verify, that would constitute a violation of law. This is often the first step many consumers take in gathering evidence of willful non-compliance for lawsuits against collection agencies. So, even though it may happen, it would put the CA in a precarious situation.

Who is a creditor?

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Can a collection agency have the court garnish your wages in NC for debt owed to a banking institiution?

Yes, provided there is an outstanding judgment against you. Without the judgment, neither the agency nor the original creditor has any recourse for garnishment, and will not be able to obtain an order for garnishment.

Can a collection agency report you to a credit bureau if you are making payments to the creditor?

Yes, they can. However, most don't provided you make a payment agreement with them and honor it until the bill is paid in full.

Can a debt collector charge you more than your original debt in Texas?

Only if interest is provided for in the instrument creating the debt. If the creditor tries to charge interest to which a debtor did not agree, then that constitutes usury and can, in some instances, wipe out the debt altogether. In some states, the creditor may be entitled to collection costs. ==Additional Information== If the debt collector is collecting on a money judgment rendered by a court post judgment interest accrues and can considerably increase the amount of the debt.

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Can a collection agency sue you for a fraud bill?

Yes. Usually the Plaintiff has to prove the charges that accompany the suit. However, if the defendant has not provided enough proof to the collector/creditor that a bill/charge is fraudulent before the suit was filed he or she will need to use the invalidness of the debt as their defense.

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What are your options when paying a collection agency?

You have two options:Do.Or don't.With these two options comes several potentialities.If you do pay them, they may be able to obtain your asset information from your payments. This makes it easier for them to attach your assets in the event they obtain a judgment for the lender against you. If you pay them and continue to pay them until the debt is satisfied, then the same result occurs as if you had paid the original do not owe the collection agency. You do owe the lender. You do not have to talk to the collection agency at all. You are not required to make arrangements to them or pay them. You should not give them any information.If you do not pay the agency and you do not pay the creditor, the agency may eventually process the account for legal action on behalf of the creditor. At this point, their collection engine really goes into gear. They will take any information you have provided to them, and some you did not, and seek to attach your wages, your bank accounts, your stocks, your bonds, your certificates of deposit, your state tax returns, or any other liquid assets they can (and will) find.If you pay the creditor and ignore the agency, you will hurt the feeling of the agency employees. They may even become angry, but as long as you continue to pay the creditor, there is little they can do. Just be certain to pay the balance as quickly as possible and keep record of every payment you make. In the event the agency files for judgment you want to have these records handy to be able to steal their thunder in court.

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What is a debt collection judgment?

If a creditor has obtained a debt collection judgment against a debtor, the creditor may implement any of the following to be able to collect on the debt owed: 1) Garnish wages 2) Levy bank accounts 3) Seize property or put a lien on the debtor's property 4) Assign a trustee on the debtor's business 5) Revoke driver's license 5) Local law enforcement (sheriff) can legally empty the till of the cash register Once a creditor obtains judgment, the debtor either has little or no options. Legal Disclaimer: The answer above should not be relied upon as legal advice. The information provided above is based on insufficient facts and only speaks to a general opinion based on those insufficient facts. No warranty is provided that the answer is correct. No attorney-client relationship has been formed with me until a signed written contract is complete. For an official opinion, it is advised you seek legal counsel.

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Provided the account was indeed discharged and the late fees were generated after the discharge, the answer is no.

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