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soak it with hairspray usally that will take it off.

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Q: How do you remove a photograph stuck to glass that had gotten wet and dried?
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How do you remove dried mastic sealant from glass?

spray it with WD-40 and then wipe it off.

How do you Dissolve dried egg whites on glass?

Dried egg can be tough to remove for dishes. Filling a basin or the sink with hot soapy water and allowing the glass to soak will loosen up the egg so it can be cleaned off.

How do you remove a photograph from a glass picture fram that got wet than dryed with out damagin the photograph?

Put the items in the freezer for an hour. The temperature change should release the bond. If the photo is going to come off it will then.

How do you photograph glass through a window?

Do you want to shoot pane of glass in the window? Shoot a glass object through the window pane.

How do you remove old etching paint on glass door?

If it has etched the glass,there is no way to remove it.

How do you replace driver side glass Mercedes?

Remove the door panel of your Mercedes-Benz. Remove the window glass retaining clips. Remove the window glass. Reverse the process to install your new window glass.

How do you remove a watch glass?

Remove the bottom lid.take the mechanism out.then press the glass from inside.

What is the best material to burn with a magnifying glass?

dried leaves or paper

How to remove glass from front door?

break the glass

How do you replace door glass on 2005 Kia Optima?

You must remove door panel, then remove anything securing the glass to the window regulator & remove glass. Use vacuum cleaner to remove broken glass pieces from inside of door and car. Carefully install new glass, then reassemble door panel.

How do you clean dried egg off glass?

To get dried on egg off glass it is best to scrape it off with a safety razor with the egg still dry, then after the majority of the egg is removed clean the window, as you regularly would with ammonianated glass cleaner and squeegee or paper towel.

What is an ambrotype?

An ambrotype is an early type of photograph in which a glass negative appears positive when placed on a black background.

How do you remove the drivers side door glass?

Unless the glass is broken then there is no reason to remove it. If you have a problem it is possibly the motor or regulator.

How do you remove door glass vw beetle?

remove door handles x2 ,crank and lever (2 screws each) remove cards remove the bolts 10mm seen on door connected to regulator. remove regulate remove glass from reg. rev, for back (use caulk to hold glass in reg bottom)

How do you remove power window motor 1995 galant?

Lower the glass, open the door, pull off the arm rest, pull the door panel, remove insulation , remove the inner glass stabilizers, front door-remove the guide slide, support the btm. Of glass, remove the 2 mounting bolts holding glass to the regulator. Tilt glass up and out of door, remove the regulator-door bolts, disconnect the electric wiring connector, remove the regulator thru the door opening.

How do you replace the door window in a Saturn sc1?

Remove outer door skin(if you need directions for this try your local library for a service manual)lower window glass remove glass nuts with toolSA9148B push glass up and rotate slightly remove door glass reverse procedure to install glass

How to remove glass shards from skin?

To remove glass from skin, first but pressure on the skin near the shards. Then use tweezers to take the glass shards out, and clean the open wounds.

How do you replace quarter glass on 96 Chevy?

You will have to remove the screws, with an impact. They do remove, but be careful not to break the glass. The only thing keeping the nut from turning is the glass. The screws have threadlocker on them.

How do you remove door glass?


Why has the cost of eyeglasses decreased since the 1700s?

Adjusting for inflation, the technology has gotten better, we can mass produce them, and the materials (glass, metal, etc. has gotten easier to find.

How do you change the glass headlight cover on a 1991 300E?

You have to remove the entire headlight assembly. Glass cover clips on with plastic clips. Remove and install CAREFULLY as glass breaks easily.

How did elizabeth blackwell get a glass eye?

she was observing a potion of some sort and somehow, it had gotten in her eye.!

If a raisin is dropped in a glass of champagne it will sink and settle down in the glass?

Yes, the raisin will sink into a glass of champagne, but not for long ... the bubbles from the champagne will inflate the dried raisin and it will float up to the surface.

What is the proper way to use a scanner?

The scanner bed is the glass plate that holds your documents during the scan. You need to keep this glass plate free of dust and debris (such as flakes of dried Wite-Out). Any matter left on the glass will appear as dark specs on all of your subsequent scans. A dry, lint-free cloth will remove dust, but a soft towel dampened with gentle, non-streak glass cleaner can remove most stains. Never spray anything directly on the glass that might run down into the scanner mechanism or circuitry. Be sure that the glass is completely dry before you close the scanner cover.

How do you remove the rear window glass from a 92 silverado?

It's glued in. you'll need to remove the trim around the glass then cut the glue.