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get a propane torch and heat up the pipes a little plus spray wd 40 all over very heavy it should break loose if not spray and let sit for a while

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โˆ™ 2005-11-30 05:44:28
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Q: How do you remove a rusted cast iron waste pipe without damaging it or the threads?
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How do you remove rust from your tools without ruining the finish ie wire wheel?

Tools that have rusted can be cleaned with a piece of steel wool without ruining the finish. A product called Liquid Wrench can also be used to clean rusted tools.

How do you clean rusted thread on galvanized pipe?

I find a wire brush is usually enough to clean threads.

How do you remove rotors that are rusted on?

Hit it with a hammer

How do you remove muffler rusted to pipe from converter?


How can you get a new PVC screw cap to attach to an old worn and rusted threading on a pipe?

Use pipe die on worn threads if you have enough room for die to fit. If not, clean threads with wire brush.

How to remove rust from a rusted ring?

You can try soaking it in Vinegar.

How to you remove rust from a rusted necklace?

Put in Hot water

How do you remove a rusted trailer hitch?

A cutting torch is one answer.

How do you remove a distributor cap screw bolt rusted stuck without destroying distributor?

Most of the time it breaks off and you will need to drill it out and replace screew.

How do you remove rust from wire?

Most rust can be removed by a steel brush if its not to rusted

How do you remove male pipe threads from cast iron female The rusted pipe broke off at the level of the cast iron in a hard to reach area It is for bathtub drain connection to septic tank Can you heat?

NO you cannot heat as any flame can cause a severe explosion and the very least crack the CI fitting The threads have to be cut out gently and possibly re tapped

How do you remove rusted bolts from an old toilet that has ceramic bolt tops that can't be removed?

Bad news. I have found it impossible to remove the bolt caps without breaking them. They are mortared on. They do make plastic bolt caps in a lot of different colors.

How do you remove rusted front rotors off a 1999 ford windstar?

a large hammer

HOW TO Remove a rusted broken off piece of metal from inside plastic part?

A magnet

How do you remove toilet seat with rusted bolts?

Rusting bolts normally indicates that the bolts are brittle. Taking a pair of water pump pliers and squeezing really hard will most of the time break the rusted bolt so you can remove the toilet seat. Otherwise depending on the type of toilet seat installed, you can drill a hole right through exactly where the rusted bolts slot in, so helping you remove the toilet seat.

What is the secret tip to remove the rusted stuck on front brake rotors on your 1997 F-250 4x4 Do you need more muscle a bigger hammer?

You can try spraying the rusted parts with a penetrating oil like wd40 or a product designed to loosen rusted on bolts. Let it soak for a bit before trying to remove. In my experience a big hammer is big help.

Why cant you remove the wheel on a wheel and axle?

Lug nuts are still on, wheel is rusted to the hub.

How do you remove a crankshaft pulley on a 1995 dodge neon?

Your going to need to get a special puller if its rusted on, usually if its new or not rusty you can just remove the bolt and hit it with a hammer a few times and it will come right off but if it is rusted then you should get a crankshaft dampner puller

How do you remove the hub nut on 1993 metro in order to remove the rotor?

I dont think you remove the nut in the center of the hub, your rotor is more than likely just rusted on to the hub.

How do you remove rust from high carbon steel?

probally if not to bad rusted with a wire brush if really bad rusted use a wire brush hand grinder wheel that is what helps me in when i have to weld rusty metal

Which sentence is an example of chronological structure in The City Without Us?

After 20 years, rusted beams in buildings will cause them to start collapsing.

How do you remove o 2 sensor that's rusted onto the exhaust manifold?

You can try spray lube like PB Blaster, but if its badly rusted a torch to heat it up is usually the only thing that works.

How do you remove rusted bolts from an automobile water pump.?

It is possible to remove rusted bolts from an automobile water pump using a product called Liquid Wrench. Spray the solution on the bolts and let sit for a few minutes. If this does not work, wait 8 hours and then use a torch to heat the bolts.

How can I free up an old coroded zip on a bag without damaging the bag?

This has to do with an old bag which was given to me. And I do not wish to damage the bag because when I try to free up the zipper, it is so difficult as the zipper slide has rusted. I am trying with soap before I end up at the bag repair shop.

How do you remove the rear rotor from a 2005 f 250?

unadjust the rear parking break.... or the rotor is rusted to the axel.