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How do you remove a starter from a 1976 Ford Granada 302ci automatic transmission?


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2015-07-15 19:38:58
2015-07-15 19:38:58

take right side motor mount loose and jack motor up to get starter off.


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how do you remove the automatic transmission from the 2004 wrx.... i have everything disconnected except for the gearing fork shifter.

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if it is an automatic transmission it is a real nitemare. you have to remove the two transmission coolent lines from the radiator, then you have to slide the starter out through the front of the motor, in between the motor mount and the engine, it will only fit if you get it just right.

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remove neg. battery cable disconnect both electrical wires to starter solenoid. remove 2 14mm bolts that secure starter to transmission and remove starter

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No. You can remove the engine and leave the transmission in the vehicle.

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For the ones on the side you may have to remove the engine mount or starter. For the ones on the back you will have to remove the transmission.

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