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It really isin't difficult at all, it does however require patience because there isin't much room. -Before you do anything, make sure you disconnect the negative battery cable, put a rag or a dry cloth over the end of the cable so it doesn't touch metal. -Jack your car up, or put it on a lift. -The starter is located under the front of the engine.-It has two bolts holding it on, and they're usually 15mm, if your 15mm socket isin't fitting snug, try a 9/16.-After you take the two bolts out, you should be able to lower your starter, you might have to move it around a little to get it down, the oil filter might be in the way, but you can get it down.-Afterwards just remove the cables from it, and you're good to go.

I'm a 17 yr. old female, and I've never taken shop..and i did it with a Do It Yourself Flyer from Advanced Auto Parts. So you can do it. Good luck!

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Q: How do you remove a starter from an Automatic 1993 Pontiac Grand Am?
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What tool do you need to remove a starter 05 Pontiac grand am?

To remove the starter in your 05 Pontiac Grand Am you will need a socket wrench. You will also need a car jack to lift the car so you can reach the starter.

How do you remove the starter on a 1991 grand am?

Begin by removing the positive cable from your 1991 Pontiac Grand Am battery. Remove the cables from the front of the starter. Remove the starter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install your new starter.

How do you replace starter on 2.3cy 1991 Pontiac grand am?

How do you replace starter on2.3 cy 1991 pontiac grand am

Where is the starter on a 1998 Grand Am?

Where is the starter on a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am, 6 cylinder

Where is the starter solenoid on a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am?

On the starter

Where is the Starter Drive Gear Located on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix?

At the end of the starter motor shaft. Remove the starter and look in the opening that faced the transmission and you will see the gear.

Where is the starter on a 2001 Pontiac grand prix gt?

It should be just behind the radiator, you will need to remove the plastic air dam to expose this part. See the following article

How do you replace a starter solenoid on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP?

Should be located at the top of the starter Remove starter Remove 2 screws at side of solenoid Twist (spring loaded) to remove

How do you remove fly wheel from 1997 Grand Am Pontiac?

i just want to know how to remove the flywheel on a 1007 Grand AM Pontiac

How do you remove a engine in a 1999 Pontiac grand prix 3.8L?

how to remove a engine in a 1999 Pontiac grand prix 3.8L

Where is the starter solenoid on a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix located?

The Starter solenoid is located on the starter itself.

How do you remove front axle from a Pontiac grand prix?

Remove the front tires, from your Pontiac Grand Prix. Remove the brakes and rotors. Unbolt the axle from the suspension. Remove the axle.

How do you remove a starter from a 1997 dodge grand caravan 3.3 liter motor?

Remove the positive battery cable from your 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan battery. Remove the cables from the starter. Remove the retaining bolts from the starter. The starter will come off.

Will my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire's automatic transmission fit in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix?

hell no

How do you change the automatic transmission fluid in a 2001 Pontiac grand am se?

Remove transmission oil pan Replace fluid, filter, and gasket

How do you replace bad starter on 2000 Grand Prix?

its a bit tough but first disconnect the battery.then jack the car up safely.after that remove the two starter mounting bolts and pull the starter out slowly.then unbolt the wires at the starter when the starter is hanging by the wires(carefully)remove the starter and reverse the steps to reinstall the starter and reconnect the battery Here's a writeup on the process.

How do you install a starter on a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am GT quad 4?

the easiest way is to remove the oil filter and install the starter from the bottom of the car I removed the intake manifold to allow easier acces to the starter.

Where is the starter on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

Bottom front drivers size

How do you remove starter from a 1994 Pontiac grand am with 2.3 with quad 4?

The starter is located under the intake manifold. Remove the oil/air seperator, remove the fuel injector rail, remove the intake manifold to expose the starter. the starter is held on by two bolts(15mm) bottom on starter side, top on flywheel side. Don't forget to remove neg. battery cable and starter wireing. Install in reverse order.

How do you remove front seats 2003 Pontiac grand am?

how do you remove the back seat in the 2003 poniac grand am

Where is the starter located on a 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix?

If it is a 6-cylinder engine the starter is at the "front" of the engine about 10 inches behind the bottom of the radiator. You have to jack up the front of the car and remove it from underneath.

Where is the relay switch for the starter in a 1995 Grand Am?

The 1995 Pontiac Grand Am starter relay switch can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The starter relay switch will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

How do you replace starter on 2001 grand am?

Remove the starter cables. Remove the retaining bolts. The starter will come off. Reverse the process to install the new starter.

Check relay or fuses on 1999 grand prix?

were is the starter relay fuse on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

Where is the starter in a Pontiac Grand Am?

follow the positive battery wire. you will find a boxy looking this about 8 inches long... this is your starter

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