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How do you remove a starter on a 1995 Monte Carlo Z34?



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Well... i had to take it into a mechanic... The starter is located towards to back, behind the oil filter. The entire engine needs to be lifted out of the frame in order to get to it, or you can drop the frame a few inches. It's nearly impossible to get to without moving the engine or frame around.Thst may be the case for certain models but I have a 95' Monte Carlo z34 3.4 litre v6 DOHC and I just replaced my starter first there are two bolts one in the front you can immediately see and the second in the back you will be able to see as well but may be covered by a plastic cover used to view the fly wheel if so remove the plastic cover on the front and the back and then remove the front bolt first then the back bolt and pull it out while it is out you may want to check the fly wheel and make sure that no teeth are broken off or grinded down and that the problem truly is the starter if no teeth are missing and everything on the flywheel checks out than replace your starter and it should fire right up it was fairly easy to get in but the old one was a little hard to get out also you have to remove the oil filter to get the starter on and off but to get it back on you should go to your local autoparts dealer and buy an oil filter socket to make sure you get it on there nice n tight also i reccommend the fram sure grip oil filters they seem to work the best with the oil filter sockets.