How do you remove a sterling handle from a stainless knife blade to scrap the sterling part?

After much trial and error, I found the best way was to pound a screwdriver end into the joint between handle and blade, and then use two pliers at the same time to twist them apart. Then I took small snippers, made a small clip at the top of the handle, and began coiling the strip of silver around the snippers (like opening a sardine can). However, depending on the type of weighting, it may not be necessary to remove the blades at all!

I found that knives in the same set had two different types of weighting--either a metal core that didn't extend to the bottom of the knive or plaster stuff that filled in the whole thing. Once I found that out, I started testing the decorative end of the knife with an awl and hammer to see if it was hollow at the bottom. If it wasn't, I used the method noted above. However, if it was, I started by snipping and coiling at the BOTTOM end of the handle. In this manner, I was able to "coil off" the silver without detaching the metal core from the blade at all!

That is one way to do it. If you are just scrapping the silver, you don't have to be that careful with it. I use a method taught to me by a silversmith who does all of my silver repair, and used to work for Tiffany. See the link below for complete, step-by-step instructions.