How do you remove a stock CD player from 99 suburban?

alright, i have a 99 Tahoe, and its the same way.. what you gotta do is turn the key on.. but don't start the truck, drop your shifter all the way down to first (shifter likes to get in the way) and pull the dash cupholder out. afer this has been done you just pull on the front part of the dash and it pops off (no screws, just clips) then you need to unsnap the headlight switch.. pretty easy if you just look at it. (unplug the 4x4 cables if you have a push button 4x4 system) now the dash should be removed. there are two plastic clips that hold the stock radio in the covey hole. press these down while pulling back. the radio will just slide out. then you just unplug the main wire harness and the antenna.. and that's about it. you will need to get a size adaptor to fit a smaller deck in your truck. its a 1.5 DIN.. just go to walmart or a stereo shop and they'll hook u up with one. and instead of cutting your vehicle's plug off. get a wire harness adaptor. bout $10 and all the wires are labled. and you can just unplug your aftermarket and throw your stock back in if you ever sell this truck. and you need an antenna adaptor.. not sure what size it is.. but just go to walmart or a stereo shop.. tell em that u got a 99 burban and they can look it up.. if you want to sell this stock radio.. please email me about it.. the Tahoe of mine has a stock tape player... anyways my name is Rivers K and my email is

this should be it!!